Jane Sibbett

Actress, Writer, Director, Photographer, Producer, Advocate & Source Conduit


Jane Moore Sibbett

Before her hands began to dance, Jane was most well-known as an actress-writer-director-photographer-producer-advocate. Her most notable roles include Ross’ lesbian ex-wife Carol Willick, on the decade long hit NBC sitcom Friends and Heddy Newman on the Fox television series Herman’s Head. With over 200 episodes of network television on her resume what moves Jane most is helping the world feel better.

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Jane’s Sacred Path

In the last 12 years Jane has traveled the world producing live events and documentaries, particularly about spiritually activated groups and individuals. After a special activation in May 2015 from another gifted conduit of Source energy, Jane suddenly found her hands “dancing”. The opening was so swift and supported in every way – live and over the Internet – that she quickly has become a beloved conduit to thousands globally who often find instant peace, alignment, joy, unconditional love, and powerful self-healing within the perfecting and beautiful, ever-flowing tide of pure Source energy.

Because that which happens when Jane’s hands automatically begin dancing defies simple explanation – it is not reiki or tapping or anything like anything she or others know, though she was invited to dance in the opening presentation of the 17th World Congress of QiGong/Tai Chi/TCM – healer friends simply coined the phrase “Jane’s Dancing Hands” to describe their motion as purest Source energy flow. To find out more about this gift sharing with joy, grace, and gratitude, please explore the Sacred Path section of this website.

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From the inside out I understand very well how taking a break from one’s own cares to tend to the wellbeing of others can jump the battery of our heart into a place of essential humanity and healing.

After rest, good therapy, and doing our own homework in self-care and active prayer, tossing one’s soul into service is one of the best things we can do to place the mind, body, heart, and soul back in center of harmony and exercise our greatest muscle – love.

Although dancing with people all around the world of various needs is my main form of service these days, I am deeply passionate about and committed to giving my energy and support in other ways, too.

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