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February 13, 2016
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Jane Sibbett

Welcome to my new website!

I'm Jane Moore Sibbett, an American actress, writer, director, producer, mother, photographer, dancer, teacher, lover, friend, sister, advocate and so much more! If you Google me, you'll find people say my most notable roles are Heddy Newman on the Fox television series Herman's Head, or as Ross' first ex-wife, the groundbreaking role of Carol Willick, who was one sweet half of the historic, first lesbian TV wedding on the hit NBC sitcom Friends, but that's kind of the tip of this iceberg.

Here's a sliver:


I have blessedly played many parts in my life -- over 200 episodes of television, done a bunch of fun, family films, was a DJ, wrote, acted, and directed in theater, too, but mostly I just love to play -- in every medium. And with mediums! With my kids, my family, my friends, and even people I've not yet met! (You'll get it. Promise.) Speaking of playing ... I'm offering a potent play, SHE’ISLAND, which I've been co-writing with a host of wahine, (that's women in Hawaiian), on Hawaii Island telling some fresh and wonderful stories about what it's like to love in the land of volcanoes and goddesses. SHE'ISLAND premieres April 2016 at the Kahilu Theatre in Kamuela, Hawaii. Tickets available on

For those who have been wondering when I'm going to return to any big or small screen, right after the SHE'ISLAND, in Summer 2016, I have a new movie coming out called Jessica Darling's It List -- another family flick of fun directed by up and comer Ali Scher, so hooray. Stay tuned for more!

I feel so grateful, that even after my more recent years of tears, my life really is an evolving, awesome adventure of passion, creativity, compassion, and on most days -- boundless laughter. So to dive into this wild and wacky world of Jane Sibbett by following the links so we might get to know one another better.

Click: Wikipedia

​Wikipedia isn’t current, goodness knows, but it does give you an overview of some of my past glories. Feel free to add kindness there any time.

Or here’s a collection of some of my old favorite gigs: Jane’s Oldie but Goody Reel

Lots of fun above, yes, but also, in the last 7 years, I have traveled the world producing live events, live streaming, and documentaries — particularly about spiritually activated groups and individuals. I have seen things up close I never would have believed had I not seen them with my own eyes — real life miracles every day. Not just simple stuff. Mind-blowing, paradigm shifts that had a huge impact on me and others. I saw courage, faith and healing that I didn’t believe was part of this world, but now I know with my whole heart is true and more, is possible for everyone. I toured with and captured footage of people who have amazing gifts and abilities and the ripple effect is still immense.

After a spectacularly deep activation in May 2015 from Abdy, a divinely gifted conduit of pure Source energy, (who you can read about here on, I suddenly and most recently found my own hands “dancing” in ways which somehow newly have begun helping others and my own self find peace, alignment, joy, unconditional love and even self-healing opening more easily within the ever-flowing tide of pure Source energy. Because what happens when these hands automatically begin dancing defies simple explanation, (it is not reiki or tapping or anything like anything I or others know or have seen), my friends and I simply coined the phrase “Dancing Hands” to describe their motion. What the effects are … well, that’s a whole other story soon to be revealed on: And for now, just keep searching through this site, where we’ll park info as we go, until we’re ready to launch the wave of possibility.

Ready to dance? I hope so. It’s a great wide world of dance floor. Dive in!

With blues skies, open seas, and a built in beat in my heart,


​P.S. In my welcome video and above I refer to a few soon-to-be-linked-in sites and website options that in these early days of website launching are not fully functioning yet, but will soon! Thanks for your patience as my website, and my heart and soul are all under construction.

The Email List for my newsletter will be added soon so you can be apprised of cool upcoming events to which I’m inviting you to join me — either virtually or in the 3D. I’m going to try to send out a newsletter every two weeks or at the least monthly. If that seems interesting to you, please circle back for that.

I’ll also be launching a product page here of people and products which support my overall health — mind, body, and spirit — and that of my family – because I like to share what nurtures my well-being in a variety of ways with those I care about — two-leggeds and four-legged loves alike. Some of you may have seen my streaming interviews with Sacred Geometry experts Gregory and Gail Hoag and this still feels helpful for us all so to see I glimpse of what I’m talking about see: Heart Companion + Pet Connect and iConnect (This iConnect link is the link to the videos, plus how I personally feel about these products.)

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