Jane Sibbett
February 12, 2016
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First Sparkling Circle Letter

Hello Beautiful Friends! Happy Love Weekend!

For some of you, it’s been a while since we’ve connected, but this is a new year, I’m living in a new state, (literally and figuratively), and everything is shiny, joyful and new.

Some of you I met while touring, producing, filming, live streaming, or even introducing others on their sacred path.  I think that there are even some who are here who I've not yet met because you’re curious about how we can all come together to create a better world of connectivity through our hearts, bodies, mind, imagination, and spirit!  But however we have met or will meet in a new way, I’m grateful for this awesome shared adventure and all we can do together now!

Did you hear about the evolution of my radical healing with these humble dancing hands after my hit and run car accident in September which totaled the car that hit me at high-speed and left just a few scratches on my car?  If you’ve been on my personal Facebook or on my Sparkling Circle Facebook page found here you may know that this gift, which utterly fixed my neck from whiplash within an hour, was an evolving one, initially activated in earnest when I met Abdy in May, 2015.  But there is much, much more now to the healing journey.  So if you’d like to hear more about the dancing hands and what they are doing now, please go to my Jane's Dancing Hands website!

Click here to see my new site and welcome video…

Want to hear more why I think many would like to also meet Abdy in person?

Visit: https://janesibbett.com/abdy/

After returning from a spectacular retreat camping, hiking, swimming in fresh rivers, and working every day with Abdy and 64 activated healer/helper souls in Costa Rica at Abdy’s amazing tropical finca and my trust in what we are all here to do has only been magnified. Now I really know the thrill of Pura Vida!

It may be last minute for some of you or exactly right on time, but I can’t overstate my dearest hope that you, too, will meet and know the depth of my gratitude for his gift which he so graciously shares for all the right reasons.  I have learned so much since this trajectory began in 2009!

Click here to join us on his tour now and enjoy his free hourly meditations everyday before and after…

And speaking of finding the true and divine inner Valentine, if you’re looking for ways to clear the fields of weeds around yourself or your loved ones, whether it is EMF, radiation, or just noise so that you can hear pure Source’s most beautiful whisperings, please consider Gregory and Gail Hoags beautiful tools for transformation.  You may not be able to put it in your darlings’ hands before Sunday, but the lovers among you certainly can create a card showing you care to wish your most sparkling light always shines between you and your Heart Companion.  You can say “I-Connect with you because Source creates only perfection.”  Or get creative! This is healing for your lover — even if that’s you!

See: http://iconnect2all.com/landing/jane-heart-companion/ 

More beauty ahead!  Please let me know how I might connect with you better or what your heart’s desire is for our future perfect together.  I will be sending out updates to special events once or twice a month and if my blogs actually get to once a week, I’ll let you know first.  I am so happy to finally have a way to connect with you again!

Thanks again for your eyes and hopefully your spirit to connect with your heart.

Namaste and Pura Vida! Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

With greatest appreciation for our journey,

Jane Sibbett
Artist of Life, Lover of All, Dancer of Source


P.S. If you no longer wish to be on this list, (which once you agreed to in former days), thank you so much to only and simply click on the link to unsubscribe below. I appreciate you not hitting spam.  We did agree to meet here long ago through one venue or another, but I’d love to see you again in a new way!  Blessings…

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