Meet my friend Abdy!

photo by Jane Sibbett

 “Abdy has an ancient indescribable gift which allows people to attune to the vibration they need to receive for themselves.”

The first time Abdy touched my head I went into such a deep, beautiful place I could find no words — only the sensation of such indescribable bliss I realized this must be an interface with Pure Source Energy — the likes of which people who have near death experiences describe.  It took many days for me to try to frame some understanding, but honestly there are no words to properly translate the experience on this earthly plane.  Suffice to say, I realized that if everyone could feel this peace there would never be any war again — inside or out.  And I knew I wanted everyone to feel the healing perfection of this Beauty Place, for if we all could I was sure we’d have Heaven on Earth.  This is why I choose to assist Abdy in sharing his gift as much as I can.

The second time Abdy touched me, my hands began to dance. closeup handsWhile I didn’t know what they were doing at the time, (you can hear a bit about that in my Welcome to my Website video), and I was shy about even asking Abdy about it for many, many weeks, I knew that every time I was in a session with Abdy, I felt that Beauty Place of pure Source infusing all of me and these newly moving hands with such love and gratitude. Eventually my friends in attendance and I began calling them my “dancing hands,” and eventually realized that Abdy’s gift had opened up another one that was now coming through these humbly, but enthusiastically dancing hands, and this — the greatest surprise of all — this gift of dancing hands also in turn began somehow also helping people in ways most unexpected.

I am just one of many people whose hidden gifts have gently been awakened — or for those already in the know, whose gifts have been made even more resplendent by Abdy’s work.  Abdy sweep Sedona 11.11.15And while leagues share a great abundance of stories of all kinds of magnificent healing in the past fourteen years he’s been touring, too, under Abdy’s touch these precious gifts of divinely dispatched pure Source Energy seem to set him apart from anything I have personally known.  He is so humble in his sharing, and so gracious about the effects, never over-promising, never pushing to be heard or marketed — just offering kindly —  it makes it very easy for me to share with my friends everywhere.

I so appreciate Abdy’s work which seems truly to be raising the vibration of everyone in attendance at his Sessions and awakening Soul Families near and far to work together for the betterment of one another more peacefully.  May we all feel this deep, sweet, clear connection with Source all the time.

Abdy - Costa Rica - 1.16 tighter

Abdy hand Seattle green

And please let me know if you go see him!  I’d love to hear about your experience.  I trust worlds of pure Source joy await you and your adventure is also just beginning with Heaven on Earth.

con Pura Vida,