Abundant Autumn Equinox!

September 18, 2023

Can you feel the change in the air? The leaves have barely begun to turn here in Northern California, but I felt it in the cozy, thick blanket of fog when we drove over the San Francisco Bay Bridge last weekend. When I walked with Blue in the dry creek bed earlier this morning, and when I settle into my heart, I feel it again. When I finally sit for a moment with the sky and my breath I can hear more clearly. In each moment I am invited to still myself again, to simply be. Do I accept the invitation? Do you? Shall we RSVP together? Can we show up to simply BE? 

From the fulcrum of the double spiral, I invite you to pause and breathe here, too. Do you feel the subtle pull to rekindle the fires of greater balance? Or perhaps instead, you feel the rising tide without recognizing when the shift happened. That’s okay. Shift happens. We know this. Just as the night is coming into equality with day, what needs greater balance for you, too? 

These last few days, Blue and I have watched dozens of squirrels drop their taunting of the far-too-interested big dog to instead carry huge acorns, humorously, yet purposefully in their cheeks before burying their bounty for the coming winter along the trail. I feel my heart beat in time to take stock of what I’ve harvested this summer. Will this sustain me? Will I, too, be able to share from the bounty of blessings? Have I already buried these blessings too far off trail to be useful or can I trust that all I need will easily be rediscovered, just as I trust Source always has these ever-humbled hands?

The Autumn Equinox in just one week asks us to ask these questions. What is your turning point of sacred living?  What must be shed so you can make room for the new? I am again, excited to bring some of my old work to the bonfire, to see how Source wishes us to honor this time of transition in community. This original circle work I co-facilitated for mostly women since my eldest daughter, Ruby, was just a few weeks old–over thirty years now–sometimes informs a bit of what happens in Dancing Hands Circles. But this week, to honor all the newness as we seek our balance, and for Newport and her people so lovingly supportive of our circles from the beginning, I wish to extend a little extra special something.

In just a few days, I travel back east to Rhode Island to dance with dearly gifted Diane Myers and some other very special old and new friends again. Those who’ve traveled this journey with me from the beginning know that this is also the home island of Eric, the artist who after his many healing experiences via the Dancing Hands, gave me great encouragement and courage to love and share the gift that runs through from Source/God/Goddess/Creator. I’m looking forward to seeing Eric, dancing with him, and meeting his new love, too, especially since it’s already been four years since our last dance in person. What a tremendous joy to reconnect with Eric and all those who were there in the beginning, to see how the expansion of the gift is running through us all still to meet the new season of our reason being here again. And new friends, we’ll be fast friends soon, so no worries about catching up. We have you!

To the beautiful souls who can join me at the bonfire this coming week, I ask that you come with your focused intentions. Yes, yes, we always ask for the wide sweep of the best and highest good for one and all, but what vessel would you like to hold your sweetest, strongest, most impactful energy? Focus. What is your container? Is it love? Are you holding the lantern for the travelers with a fine-tuned heart? Bring your poetry. Draw your dreams. Stitch your 7” x 7” quilt square of intentions. (Yes, one day we WILL make a quilt of these!) Bring a dish of Purposeful Potluck. Honestly, we’ll feast together on Friday night, so please RSVP on our website and let us know what you’d like to bring—intentionally and food/beverage-wise. This is what we used to do. This is what feeds my soul and the souls who have gathered around bonfires for millennia. We bring this back to give back to community with joy. And together we will share anew from our hearts!

Come. Share. Bless. Feast. Enjoy. Circle up with Love. 

And if you can’t be there in person, please send your spirit straight over and we’ll cuddle up that way.. For those concerned about being in proximity due to health concerns, I’ll be masking through all aspects of my travel. I will take tests before and after travel to pre-test before circle and I may be wearing a mask in circle, depending on the collective mental, spiritual, and physical health of our groups with only greatest respect. As always, if you have any health concerns, or if you yourself find you are unwell, thanks for honoring the group and only joining the circle if you are well.

Any questions, please ask us at hello@janesibbett.com

If you can’t make it to the petite retreat on Rhode Island, then you are warmly invited to join me at Mo Ranch in Texas the third weekend, for our mini-retreat. Details are linked below. Also, while it’s not yet on the Sparkling Circle platform, I’ll be calling for a new, free Sparkling Circle Community online dance before this month is out. Please go to the Sparkling Circle on Monday to find out the date and the details. Don’t know what the Sparkling Circle is yet? Swipe down this page to see. Beauty abounds everywhere here.

But before you do, let’s dance seven years back in time and have a listen to Eric and his experience with this gift back in the near beginning of 2016. Even if you’ve heard this before, listen again to what he felt and how he saw what was happening so clearly. While no one needs to be a believer in me or G*d to have this gift “work,” in Eric’s case, his strong feeling of the gift, and its sensation, gave us both huge insights into the flow and trust that may not have taken hold otherwise. This week, I will also try to post a video each day on my Instagram and Jane’s Dancing Hands Facebook page from the dear people of Newport, RI who have so generously and enthusiastically shared their miraculous stories of healing and insight with me. Their stories, with others all around the world, help people like you not only have faith in what we are sharing with you, but to strengthen your own faith in your own divinely given gifts, and how we are cheering you on, too.

I hope Eric and others will share again after this coming week’s dance.  Any updates to his experience of how this gift from Source runs through us all would be joyously received. Thank you, Friends, for all your love and support. YOU are all part of my brightest blessings and I am so grateful for you, too.

I’m thrilled I will be hugging many of you soon! 

Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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