Adventures in Ecstasy, Alaska

February 27, 2023
adventures in ecstasy alaska

Dear Beautiful You!

Hearts up; I am being rewritten by Alaska. Even as I share these heart-glyphs/words aching to convey my intense gratitude for being here, I am pretty sure every superlative in my English will fail. Mothertongue, help me! Every day since I arrived more than two weeks ago, it has been one gasp and sweetening sigh after another. I have seen some spectacular places on this planet. I have been truly blessed by my travels and by the gift of Source, Pura Vida, and my own mama, too, to be given eyes that find beauty in almost everything – even multi-colored bruises or tenacious weeds pushing through the cracks. And, yes, this heart of mine has been well carved to appreciate how precious life is, but this territory of Alaska is like no other. With all her rugged mountains, spilling glaciers, frozen waterfalls of the bluest ice, eagles in tall trees, black ravens scratching their wings against the blue, icebergs in frozen lakes, soaring black and white magpies, and the twinkling stars in the freezing, inky night whether she is dancing or not – it simply must be experienced to even begin to feel what wonder and awe might mean.

I packed my backpack and suitcase against a cyc of grief and was ready to be thrown into something that could ice my battered, swollen heart. As the winds nearly knocked me down as I snowshoed across a frozen lake at the base of a glacier yesterday, I realized I do this. When humans forget sacred agreements and attack me or others, I heal myself by seeking and dancing with Source wisdom in the Pura Vida of this planet Earth. I don’t merely escape, as others may do in drink, drugs, food, or pain. I plunge more deeply into what sustains or uplifts throughout time. I get outside. I go to the temple of Creation, where I can listen more acutely. I dance here and there and hear. This way, I can check my tracks behind me, feel my boots or feet beneath me, and plot my trails before me. I climb into the boughs of trees or dive deep into oceans far away from shore to swim with the whales, manta rays, dolphins, and sharks. I race on horseback or run steep mountains. And here I was – here I am – going again. This journey had been planned for many, many months to help Boosalah while he teaches mountaineering and crevasse rescue (no less – right?!) since he helps me and all we do here in our Dancing Hands Universe so much, it was the least I could do, but Source, once again, had a seriously dancing hand in this timing. I know. I know! Shocking but true. Thank you both Source and Boosalah for this one, but this is just the beginning of this tale.

My sister-in-law said she’d take care of my elder cat and kindly drove me to the airport, and I was so glad for the happy launch after so many months of getting mom to the much-better place, yet I knew magic was keenly afoot when I saw a decade-long vision made manifest in a mural behind the baggage drop counter for the first of my two flights to Alaska. I couldn’t believe I’d never seen this art installation before! A long line of the faces of our indigenous ancestors pushed through a massive veil of improbable cardboard impressions (metaphors abound here again!), and because I could hardly believe what I was seeing, I swung around to discover a lithe young woman standing in line behind me. I asked if she’d ever seen that mural before. I’ve flown this airline so many times; how could I not have seen this? Was I just imagining it? She barely got her to answer, “No, this one, no. I’ve not traveled since the pandemic,” when my solar plexus flared. I recognized her, and though I don’t use my gift without permission I felt the gift stream up a constellation of connection. We’d not met in this lifetime. She didn’t know me, my background, or anything, but there it was: near-instant knowing, she was Family. She was a prayer dancer who didn’t yet remember it. Immediately, I knew we needed more time than our 8 hours of flying, that she had to meet Boos, too, and that she was important in the circle of our growing global community of prayer dancers. Within three minutes, I found out she was on both of my flights, and she was also going all the way to Fairbanks, too. While I spoke with the agent at the counter, she texted the old friend she was going to see after a 24-year separation of time to find that both Boos (Jason) and said friend picking her up were already old friends! Ha! Two women intersect in an international airport. There were a hundred people who had joined our line for Alaska airlines after she walked in, but this woman, on the heels of the ancestors’ faces pushing out of the box (in a cardboard mural, remember!), was right there behind me and most definitely kindred.

Within 24 hours, we would be sharing a spontaneous brunch in Boosalah’s snow-wrapped cabin with her beloved scientist friend (and the subject of Diné wisdom post on my FB Feb. 13, 2023), and of course, Source and I’d invited her to dance. The playlist insisted all new music for her on the first plane as we sat rows apart, but it was clear from the first shiver of recognition we’d be dancing her back to her ecstatic center. Midwifery of remembrance of our most blissful connection to who we are – the resonance of pure love and joy – is a rare and much-treasured gift to impart when Source and the higher self deem it time, and this singular dance was the bridge to and the theme of so much of my own healing in these days to follow. There is much more to share about our new/old friend, her own renewal of bliss with her old friend, too, and I hope you’ll see her art soon, too, but for now, understand that every step in the scavenger hunt of who we truly are and what we’ve come here on this planet to be is purposeful if we tenaciously, intentionally, happily open our hearts for our most beneficial learning and expansion.

Many here know I’ve often been Mary Sunshine with positivity, but Mama Bear courage and transparency in our journey of this human walk through some treacherous terrain is equally essential to the tools of this ever-humbled Source conduit. We do this together. We intend with joy and care for the best and highest good of one and all, and when things take a right-hand turn, when my 60-year-old body protests, it’s also important to be honest that it can hurt, that some of us (I included), actually bruise, bleed, and cry. Though some wish to pretend away the heartache, brutality, or intentional mayhem, hide the pain under oversimplification of the spiritual constructs of lack v. abundance or fear v. love, the body does keep the score if one doesn’t carry out the garbage tossed on our doorsteps. Compost can happen, but no one needs to eat cruelty or lawlessness. I feel as if I’m still picking at the duct tape residue from over my mouth to not speak up for or out against those who seem to like to believe the rules of the universe don’t apply to them. I DO believe in love, and I also believe in Spirit’s House, in Creator’s world, in our multiverse – we also have to take care of precious spirit cargo – that’s for you and me, both. God/Goddess/All-That-Is is very clear; we are to honor and respect this gift of life and the agreed-upon rules for the best and highest good of one and all – individually and collectively.

And so, despite all the magic from the airport, I still had a too-heavy backpack of what I’d not yet unpacked. Blessedly, here, in Alaska, the frigid wind snatched the words of outrage that I tried to exhale as I walked in the magical Narnian forest, and it froze the particles into my hair so completely I wondered if my tangled lioness’ ruff might break off if I shook my head too hard. Here, when my tears fell, they dripped into mini icicles of transmuted beauty. There has been no screaming or spitting in the wind because snowflakes coming into a wild, wide mouth at -7 degrees Fahrenheit hurts the lungs. I learned that quickly. Instead, Blue and I nuzzled into coats and trekked in quieter wonder at this marvelous landscape. We made fresh tracks across frozen lakes, listened to the sounds of the snow fly, and crawled into blue and bluer caves that felt as if I was being rebirthed back into the earth before anyone could have scratched my tender heart or tried to snatch this Language of Love and its nurturing dance.

And though I am not prone to worry, for I love adventure, I confess, before I traveled, I was deeply concerned I’d die of the cold. Literally. It is often in -20o F or below where I was going first, so the fear was real. Perhaps, someday you’ll read about me dying in the ice caves of the Himalayas thousands of years ago, too. These memories have repeated so often they have been stitched into my collar at the nape of my neck, so if I was separated from this flesh suit again, and one would wonder why I came to this planet, there would be little doubt of my origins, but for now, factor that factoid of my once terror of the cold into the import and play of my trip here. I packed to layer. Who knew that between Boosalah’s treasure trove of mountaineering gear and Alaska’s natural Pura Vida, everything I would need – every layer for the ice and every layer with the ice – and more for the healing of my heart and soul and the harmonizing of my healthiest body – would be here. And gracious me, I have been so cozy, I sweat every day on our big jaunts into the wilderness.

And then I had a true ecstatic dance, too? That was the subject of this newsletter. You may have seen this from my personal Facebook page or not, but for those who haven’t, this is essential and updated info:

It was heaven!

All my life, I have dreamed to see the light dance like this. And there they were! ‘Jane, Jane! Come outside now!’ Boos called. And after the waving lines of the gorgeous Northern Lights said hello, swirled and swirled, and finally shimmied to a squished heart – they truly made a perfectly JANE-lopsided heart above Boosalah’s cabin in Fairbanks on Valentine’s eve, ’round midnight – when Boos yelled for me the first night we arrived at our new/old log cabin outside of Valdez, to ‘Come outside!’ again, I knew what this meant. This meant magic had arrived. BIG magic.

But this magic wasn’t simple lines and a squished heart. Tonight, above our new, old log cabin, we had the most magnificent 360° view of the many dancing veils of the most magnificent Aurora Borealis! Boosalah said in his 15 years here that he’d never seen such a display. It wasn’t just the normal straight-ahead view (for him) of the horizon to the apex of the sky as one might see a drive-in movie. Our dancing Northern Light show was 360° and overhead, and behind the mountains, too! It was as if we were in the eye of the light storm, the rose of the compass, the center of wonder. The Pura Vida & light of Source Energy, the solar storm, and the electromagnetic energy came to dance with us in a HUGE way!

Every bit was mystical magnificence – the wide curtains of light. The braid of intense light was twisting spectacularly just above our heads. The change from cream to green to neon to pastels – ah! Awe! And I couldn’t believe the time-lapse on my iPhone could capture it. (Please see the pictures on my Facebook!) I was outside for less than an hour. I assure you, it wasn’t long enough.

I went out without gloves and a hat and stayed a fair while after the boys went back in. Finally, regretfully, I slipped back inside and then climbed into bed with my parka on because this cabin doesn’t have heat in my room, just a wood-burning stove in the main room, but I will bring my down sleeping bag out if they come again because THIS is too spectacular to miss. I can sleep when it clouds over again and snows or when I leave. This. Is. Huge. Life-changing. Dancing. Mystery.

And oooooh, I am so grateful I was able to see this as we had friends climbing here for two weeks before us who never had the right conditions. I’m humbled and grateful I was able to have my every cell drenched with this beauty AND especially after such an epic hike up deep, snow-buried canyons beside massive frozen waterfalls and a running creek all on snowshoes – a trip that I can’t even post yet!

I hope any pictures from our trip I post on social media fill your heart as they do mine with the utter beauty that is always available in myriad ways if we simply go outside and seek out the dancing delight of our magnificent world. Peace on earth.

Update to the above story and another reason why the newsletter didn’t go out yesterday – we had another EPIC Northern Lights experience again tonight. And tonight, we went from crazy backyard stunning displays to head high up the canyon to see what it would be like at the top of the mountain. It was cool, but also freeeezing in the 6°F weather in 30 mph winds! We pulled over to many spots in the canyon and along the Richardson Highway, but the best places of all the places to witness was behind our little log cabin! It’s nearly 3 AM right now and I’m still wrapped in Boosalah’s -40° F puffy coat because I can’t quite get the chill out of my bones, but ooooh, the thrill! I’ll post some more pictures of tonight below.

And with all this, what I know now is I am deeply blessed, you are blessed, and we are all blessed again. And the light with the electromagnetic energy IS dancing around us all the time, mostly without our awareness, but when we DO get the right harmonic to see it, to feel it, to be swept in the ecstasy of it, we can’t take that lightly either – just like our dance with Source Energy and the Pura Vida. We all would be well served to experience it, enjoy and appreciate it, and share it forward generously.

I can’t wait to see what all these blessings of this trip may bring forward this time. From dancing skies to ancient sacred grounds, the Source/Pura Vida mélange of gifts of all the dances I’ve had here on these snowy fields feel like they are ready to dance within you, too. There are new Languages of Love, sweeter truths, wild new spinning mudras woven in sparkling snow songs which have been pouring into me from all the sentient beings of this marvelous place – the cloud beings, the icicles, the blue caves, the yeti, the eagles, and the ancestors of our Source Energy Family are all so willing to lend a dancing uplight to rebirth you back to your ecstasy, too.

I hope you will join us again soon for all the love, all the light, and for the best and highest good of one and all, individually and collectively.

Until the very next time… Peace and Blessed Be.

Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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