Be a Gratitude & Miracle Magnet

November 16, 2023

How are you? I’ve just returned from warm and sparkling Southern California, where I’ve been celebrating my precious granddaughter’s first birthday, then adding my love and cheer to a dear friend’s launch of her Mighty Gorgeous book, and then wrapping my arms around a few old friends to hug, weep a bit, and talk story. It was heaven to feel heartbeats, see eyes crinkle up close, and brush cheek to cheek to realign with what is most important in this precious life. At one point, my laughter came out so loudly it echoed over the water. And gracious me, I clapped my hand over my mouth. Was I too loud? I looked around. No one seemed to care. Pure, unadulterated delight is my divine resonance and laughter—well, she cartwheeled right out into the middle of my weekend with such rare joy—now, I am just plain feeling grateful.

I know that the world has some scary and especially crunchy pieces right now, as always, I’m sending compassion to any in suffering or woe, but after writing to my representatives, voting, striking, marching, doom scrolling, encouraging aid and peace, and for each and all using our voices for compassionate humanity to serve one another with integrity, I had to return to all my personal tipping points for good. I had to because I can’t help others as effectively from a parched and wanting well of love.

So, I began with a broad stroke.

I love life. I love and honor this life. And yes, I have had some crazy tough parts, but at the beginning and end of every day, I am blessed to have this life. Mom taught me that, but as the end of my 60th year is sliding in fast, I also know I’m a grown woman, and I know that how we live with or reshape our lot is a choice. And if I’m going to remain an effective steward of love and light on this spiritual path, I must choose what I love every single day, or an inferior default will choose me. 

Because of that imperative of wings, I started a rampage of thanks-giving. I know American Thanksgiving is barely more than a week away, and the crude, violent, colonial beginnings of this holiday are not even remotely to be honored, but now—to pause and honestly, sincerely take time to give thanks instead for that which most of the people reading this letter wish, I started early. I started this weekend. I continued all weekend and on my return drive. I carried it through my dreams and into this day, too.

Even when weepy, sad, frustrated, or discouraged, I always begin with what is in front of me. It’s not too late, and it’s not too early. It’s right on time. You are right on time.

I began with my hands. They dance. They help. They purposefully show up every day to soothe, soften, bolster courage, infuse health, and clear spiderwebs to clarity and kindness. I am grateful for these hands. They are spotted, and the veins have risen in bluish ropes, but I’m a cowgirl, I’ve always played hard, and oh, how these hands have always loved to love.

I am grateful I made the long trip from Northern California to So. CA with gusto and snacks. I am grateful I have a new stabilizing boot, and the achy, breaky foot is healing, too. I limped in time to see the surprise of my son with his new family, and I am grateful I saw my grandbaby, Brielle, take three independent steps more than once! I am grateful to have her reach out to me from her parents’ arms for cuddles and to see her generous heart reach out to others, too. She is a hugger! She has the will to love. She has my DNA, and I am grateful I see her delight and dimples when we play peek-a-boo behind the mirrors. I love how her Briellient brain works out the next comedy bit, drawing gales of laughter from everyone, especially her adoring G’ma (me!) I am grateful her big brother and I sketched with colored pencils before I saw him working out a few sight words. He’s learning to read! And I am grateful he has so innocently accepted my grandmother name, Tutu WooWoo. While it started as a fun joke, it is now my new name, and it sounds so sweet coming from him I’m pretty sure it’s going to stick. Woo woo! 

I’m grateful I had a little extra time with my sweet son, Kai, to see what a loving daddy he’s become and how he interacts with his beloved Amanda. I am grateful to see what a phenomenal mama she is and how she adores my son. I am grateful I have a new daughter to add to my beautiful blood daughters, and I’m excited about the adventure of making a good life for us all by loving well. What a blessing they all have shelter, food, clothing, good work, and so many friends who love them.

I love my family. I love my 95-year-old mother, who bounced again this week and is doing well! I love my siblings. I love my cousins and their kids and their kids. I love all my kids. I am grateful for my children. They are all creatives and make me so proud, effortlessly inspiring me with their love, wit, and brilliant brains. Ruby calls me weekly. Violet, because we are working together, calls me more. They all help me more than they know, and you already know Violet has been my right hand and sometimes my left here, too, with all things Dancing Hands, even as she dives into her own dream work. I am one grateful mama/tutu/sister/auntie/daughter!

I love my friends, and I’m grateful they love me, too.

I am grateful I have friends who invited me out of my studio and onward to big people parties, too, to have adult conversations in English. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Language of Love. I love the language of Source Energy—the pre-Tower of Babel babble that rolls out of me as easily as Tutu WooWoo rolls off my bonus grandson’s tongue. But these two parties may be my first two parties outside of family or our Dancing Hands retreats since 2019! I have wondered more than once if I’d be able to be back in the world after this time. 

Under the spaciousness of the sky yesterday and the day before in Santa Monica, I say yes. I am able to be back in the world with love and gratitude in my heart. I am able to make choices that serve the best and highest good for myself and the beings I love, like, and outward. How about you? What are you grateful for? I would LOVE to hear.

My daughter Violet and I have been listening to the whisperings of Source and that we all have much for which we can be grateful. And we can do much, much more, not only to hear the wisdom of Source Energy but dynamically interact with Source more actively. We each can take one or more of the Source Course Series that Source has shared with dozens and dozens over the past couple of years. Within each of the three courses, we have so many remarkable videos and lovely words and prompts for you to actively and gratefully increase your connection with Source. I am grateful we can offer this to you. Many hands make light work. Ready to dance? Do you wish to participate in this? If so, please do. If there is anything holding you back, please let me know, and let’s see what we can do. I am happy to help you. Let’s be creative together.

Wish to have a solo Gratitude practice? Ready to take your own hands and lovingly let them channel what Source Wisdom is coursing through you and through us all? Violet and I have been working on a very special book. Just in time for holiday gifting to yourself and/or others, our new Gratitude Journals are filled with inspiration and prompts to mindfully co-create your world. Script your own gorgeous Rampages of Gratitude and enjoy the scientifically proven and most effective level of magnetizing that which you wish—and more powerfully intend to do/be/allow/accept/activate in your precious life.

Ready to dance this month? We have an Expanded Quanta Circle THIS week—Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, for you to dive in for a concentrated blooming of your quanta potential and intentional living. See the details below. I’m telling you, my hands are so excited about what’s coming in, I’m already dancing.

Hooray! Black Friday Special is flying in, also. Now, I’m not a big shopper. Nor am I a girl who loves the malls, either, but I do love to give special, heart-crafted gifts to my dear ones, especially if they are on sale. And in the season of my thanks-giving, Violet’s and my birthday on 11/28, and the holidays, we have our first Black Friday Special, so you, too, can either replenish your well or the well of another who needs to book a run of sessions. As most of you know, these dances are gifts that keep on giving before, during, and after the sessions—for days, weeks, and years, and always with the greatest love.

We love and appreciate you. What do YOU wish?

Thank you again for being HERE! Sending you big hugs and ever-flowing love in this sacred season of giving thanks.

Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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