What are these Dancing Hands?

Well... it may be best for you to go over to janesdancinghands.com for the whole picture, but while you're here, take a peek.

Every circle is different -- each person, each song, each movement and intention in every moment to simply be danced by pure Source Energy is best experienced rather than explained.

For more info on how to participate in a Jane’s Dancing Hands Circle or have a private session, please go to janesdancinginghands.com   Special rates for Elders, Vets, and students.  Peace…

Dancing Hands Circle – Events   

Here is a flier for the upcoming events.  Be sure to check out my blog on janesdancinghands.com to see some of the fresher happenings as well as go to the testimonial pages to see how these circles are affecting beautiful souls waking up to their divine joy everywhere.

Thanks for sharing this to your friends and family, too!  The following poster has free events as well opportunities for as freeing hearts to stand or dance in some peace, comfort and healthy harmony.  Peace and thank you for showing up!,

Sacramento, CA is home to Jane Sibbett's high school, Rio Americano

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What do you feel when you watch this?  Think there is hope for us all to learn how to free ourselves to dance with pure Source energy, too?