Escape with us to JANE’s Sparkling Circle!

March 19, 2023

Greetings Friends,

We’ve been busy this year and it is only March! Sometimes it feels as if we have been busy since before we were born! Be sure, I am not glorifying being busy, just saying here in the ongoing discovery that Source courses in an ever-flowing stream of wonder, delight, and support, and when the heart experiences the miraculous in the greater balance of time it’s easier to move and re-groove my brain for good. Each breath has been shuffling the Spirit deck within to keep me going. I’m still growing. I’m still learning. I’m still caffeinating. (But less. 🙂 And I’m still deeply grateful to be here with you.

I have mentioned in the last few email that we have a big surprise coming – not just the launch of our new Source Course Series, which we quietly rolled out the first of many yesterday, but we also are so excited to share with you TODAY a whole new community platform co-created with a rocking team from here, around the world, and all the way to joining something called The Mighty Network. I confess I was reticent at first. It seemed a lot of extra work when there was already a frame to gather via social media, via email, or in Zooms, but what with recent events circling the drain and what seems a collapsing social media system, I was encouraged to consider the strength of a healthy option for us to co-create a more inspiring community with friends and family.

What this also did for me was get extra clear on why we are gathering here. I know why I dance, but why do we meet around this virtual bonfire of love? Yes, we thrive with kindred kindling. But what is the greater purpose of creating a safe space for kindred souls and soon-to-be-fast-friends and old family alike? I don’t want us to be an exclusive club. My friend, Timi, says that I “just want to throw my arms around the world.” She’s right. I also don’t want to be a guru because while wisdom pours through me from Source, I’m forever humbled as a student in this wondrous world of woo right there beside you. This world isn’t boring. It’s amazing. It helped me find you, love your boogie, kiss your heart, and cheer you on, too. I was blessed to inherit a beautiful, albeit wacky, gift that encourages me every day to do my part to help many, including you (when you want) as best as I can. So here we are, cheering to spring and all her new beginnings. I jumped in with trust and with great hope, you’ll join me there, too. Why? As our new platform says:

“We have and will continue to maintain our expanding website, but here, on this platform created with the Mighty Network and the elegant work of our sparkling team, outside of social media, we champion a new, robust option to co-create with our expansive family of light. We have just built the simplest foundation for a place for community support because we are stoked to co-create the rest with you.

Think of it as a frame for a new ballroom, and in it, we have a water cooler on the dancefloor where we can check in with one another, dance, chat, and spiritually hydrate. Co-creating from the sacred wellspring of harmony and sharing the lessons received, we now have a spacious place that can hold much of our dreamwork as well as new courses, videos, transcripts, and more creative and spontaneous dances and ways to connect with JANE (Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy of Source.)”

Expounding on the vision I had when my friend Monnie asked what I saw when I was in the dance, out of my body, and looking back on all the souls gathering, I said I see “a sparkling circle,” so this is my name for our new platform carried from our larger Facebook page. I think I’ll be shutting down the Dancing Hands Facebook page soon to simplify my life even more, too, but here’s a bit from the new site to help you understand better what it is:

Our Goals

  • Helping one and all align with their Source energy and maintain balance 
  • Helping one and all remember their powerful connectivity to the forces of Love, Light, and All-That-Is Source Energy here on the Pura Vida temple of Source 
  • Helping one and all heal their inner healer by re-membering who we all are in the dance of life and re-discover our sacred purpose
  • Assisting in nurturing the healthiest, happiest community 
  • Co-creating a safe space for our Sparkling Circle of healers and helpers to learn, discern, grow, share, and improve the quality of life for themselves and others in mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

Why This, Why Now

Many know and happily hold their gifts independently. Others yearn to learn how to access them. Still, more confess they do not know where to find “their people,” especially while navigating growing streams of spiritual service. We thrive when bringing the best of our hearts and souls together. The Internet grew a global village quickly in myriad, beautiful ways that wouldn’t have formerly been possible, and when the world shut down, it was a lifeline for many to keep connected. It’s how we met more than a handful of you, and for that, we are grateful. Yet, social media as a mainline became a double-edged sword for many, too. 

We have and will continue to maintain our expanding website. We even have a new little store to begin to fill with goodies to fuel your dancing hearts, leg, and hands, as well as empower focus, but here, on this new platform created with the Mighty Network and the elegant work of our sparkling team, outside and independent of social media, (hooray!), we now champion a new, robust option to co-create with our expansive family of light. We have thus far just built the simplest foundation for a place of community support because we are stoked to co-create the rest with you. 

Think of it as a frame for a new ballroom, and in it, we have a water cooler on the dancefloor where we can check in with one another, dance, chat, and spiritually hydrate. Co-creating from the sacred wellspring of harmony and sharing the lessons received, we now have a spacious place that can hold much of our dreamwork as well as new courses, videos, transcripts, and more creative and spontaneous dances — all ways to connect with JANE (Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy of Source.)

We have so much beautiful material and our beautiful website isn’t built to hold as much as we have and allow community to have real-time conversations or spontaneous dances. We hope you like it as much as we do, even in its infancy, while we refine and furnish it with our invited co-creators. That’s YOU! I know it’s late for some on a Sunday evening but you are invited to check it out right now and see if it feels good to you, too!

One of our dearest angels flying in for many Zoom’ed circles created during the time of our global lockdown just sent this note to us a few days ago. What a sweet gift to help explain what happens when we are open to the most beautiful options:

“During the lockdown, I was blessed with being a part of the Jane’s Dancing Hands community and the sacred gift that comes through Jane.

“The community is full of loving caring expansive humans. Jane and Boosalah showed up time and time again with the utmost integrity and commitment. I felt so held in the LOVE of the Universe during and in between sessions. The homework we were given was engaging and thought-provoking, igniting deeper levels of self-awareness. I loved doing the homework and connecting deeper with my inner being and different parts of myself.

“The meditation and sacred holy space Jane created were so welcoming and loving. Jane is very inclusive and emanates unconditional love. That was the consistent gift that stands out the most for me right now. I would melt into the vibration of her voice speaking the language of love. To be with a divine feminine energy that was so dedicated to Source energy was deeply healing and transformational. I am obsessed with the language of love that comes through Jane because it is pure Love and Heaven on Earth!!

“If you are needing to be nourished and energized in unconditional love, then this is the class for you! It is a safe container and allows for growth and expansion in whatever way you may intend. Source if there waiting for you.

So much LOVE, Kelly

Thank you, Kelly, for your generosity of eloquence. Kelly was one of many who contributed greatly with her cheerful heart to the growing community when we all ached for support in the rollercoastery times. She brought questions. She brought encouragement. She brought wonder and delight. I’m forever indebted to her and all who contributed to the energy of these sweet and powerful circles, helping us hold the space for Source to share through the many, many hours and friends it took to transcribe all the material and then edit, sweeten and refine the videos for the privacy of our community. It took a beautiful village. And yes, the world is still a little bumpy. We’ve been having wild storms in California and all over the world. People are still challenged by how to navigate in a rocking state of being, so we value this community now as much as we ever have and wish to keep growing while keeping our arms open to others who might benefit from a new place for old or new friends.

Below you’ll see the first two of The Dailies that we’ll be posting in our Sparkling Circle, and with these come prompts for morning pages and journaling to connect with Source each day. We realize the strength in extra focus for daily reawakening and nurturing to expand the sacred, divine gift of purest Source energy within us all. Together here in this Sparkling Circle, we all have that opportunity to help one another heal and grow by re-membering who we are in the dance of life, individually and collectively.

With the ongoing Source Courses on our Sparkling Circle platform, our goal is to share, teach, and learn in concert with our friends even more. We wish to introduce you all to one another, too, because fast friends are ready to be made to cheer one another on or lean in for a hug when the heart is aching. We welcome active incoming messages and prosperity of Spirit so that we may all thrive. Above all else, we will be encouraging each other to dive more deeply into the joyful gifts we all have to share in all parts of the universe.

We are so excited by what we are co-creating, we are currently offering a 1-month free trial to try it out. More below from Boosalah. Follow the hotlinks and explore as you wish. There are a few how-to’s, but Boosalah, Violet, and Nancy may be making a few extra videos to help newcomers learn how to use the platform. If you have any questions about this platform, if you need help of any kind, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Once in to join the fun, please click on JANE’s Sparkling Circle, where you can also find your way to an entire video of the first session of the Health & Peace Circle, the table of contents of the first volume, and a sample of the text that came in from Source via JANE. If you do sample, please give yourself the gift to treat it as you would if you’d arrived for a circle. Create a quiet, sacred space, free of distractions, and allow yourself to be moved or danced by Source for the best and highest good. And then, please let us know in the Sparkling Circle feed what you think or if you have questions. We’d love to hear from you! Always.

So with this, I send you love! For those newly now in the Sparkling Circle Community, we have our first live Meta-tation tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM PDT. It’s part of the membership to have once weekly, 30-minute sessions, as well as other extras you can read about if you follow the JANE Sparkling Circle link.

Thanks for being here again. I wish you all a week where all your best dreams manifest with ease and joy.

Forever grateful for you, and sending love and

Blue Skies & Blessings,


PS HUGE THANKS TO Boosalah, Violet, Nancy, Tani, Zanni, Izme, James, Sue, Megan, and all our friends who also helped but are a little shyer about being mentioned in regards to getting all this material prepped to share with you all. I am forever grateful. With more love, more light, more love, more light, and more love!

PS from Boosalah: Please click this hot link to join our new Sparkling Circle community platform.  The link will give you one month of free access to our new platform, which will include daily inspirations, weekly meta-tations, a monthly dance, and a sampling of our new Health & Peace course, among other things. We would love to have you come to take a look around, check out the space and say hello, and offer us any suggestions or feedback on what we’ve created.  It is a beautiful space outside of social media and I hope to see you there.

PPS Our new JANE Sparkling Circle Store is up on the website, too. This is just the start of the many ways we can adore our dancing hearts and legs and shine a light in the world with our sweetest intentional words and support the work of our team. JANE is digging her new yoga pants (so soft) and like the t-shirt, these are true to size. Even the dot matrix journals have a super soft cover. Let us know if you’d like options for merchandise. I know many have been asking for this for a long time, so we are happy this is finally up. Unisex and menswear coming this week!

Here’s a bit from my journal to help me get ready to explain another part of the new JANE (Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy) Sparkling Circle that talks with great depth about the Meta-tations with Mastery:

“After Source gave us the Health & Peace Circles and the Conversations with Source and I completed yet another huge endeavor to help others, at the end of 2022, I experienced the painful loss of a trusted friend. Emotional waters always seek balance, so Source gently encouraged me to get back on my tuffet. Boosalah heard the call, too, and said, “We need to start meditating again. We need a reset.” I humbly agreed. I know how important receiving in the stillness is. I’d not been taking care of myself. I also keenly know how challenging it has been for me to carve any time out for exercise and the essential spiritual exercise of quiet listening that occurs when stretching into timelessness upon the meditation tuffet (or zafu.) I knew it was imperative.

“You can imagine my surprise when that first day we sat on Zoom– Boosalah in Alaska, me in N. California and Source everywhere–when it wasn’t the gentle restorative meditation of my days at Agape, but a powerful sweet punchbowl of cosmic Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy x 7!  I was on that tuffet, and lovely music played in the background, but this wasn’t your normal quiet peace; this was raucous HELLO! WHATCHA DOIN’ squealing with Language of Love JOY to see us energy! Oh, my goodness! Talk about sucking the blues right out of me! This energy was fresh, wildly exciting, and so potent I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Unlike JDH Circles, the teachings of Health & Peace or Conversations with Source, these meditations didn’t really seem like meditations. They were rich with spinning mudras I’d never seen, and the Language of Love seemed to have taken on more dialects that were infused with a light that pierced me with bliss. It still feels new and most definitely just what even I need these days.”  ~Jane

You may have read in a recent newsletter that I tried to type out an invitation for others to join us in the meditation and wanted to describe what I had experienced with Boos that first week and three times the word meditation came up marked wrong by spellchecker. What the heck? I stopped to listen. Finally, I heard Source say, “These aren’t meditations; they are Meta-tations.” To read more of this story, you’ll need to read the Introduction to the Meta-tations in Mastery via this link to get into the Sparkling Circle.

Make a date with your sacred destiny and let the energy flow


March joyfully brought the return of the Health and Peace Circle AND the release of its exciting 2023 evolution. First whispered by Source near-daily in the early days of lockdown, then transcribed and nurtured by a phenomenal team of loving hands, the final product is a toolbox to use in your own time to hone your dance with Source-led mastery.

Our beta group shared many testimonials from beginning to end as we immersed ourselves in an exciting new protocol of the Dancing Hands. Here is a handful of ways this Source-led protocol might impact you and others. The gift often:

  • Calms the nervous system and realigns the chakra systems.
  • Sharpens the inner vision while improving the quality of what the eyes receive from the outer world
  • Allows access to the bliss points to facilitate self-healing
  • Enhances learning and increases the retention of information
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Fortifies the heart, spirit, and emotional wellbeing

Cultivate and co-create with Source the healthiest state of mind, body, spiritual, and emotional balance no matter what challenges the world brings to you to ultimately gain greater peace.

If you are one who can rarely attend the JDH sessions due to timing or simply would like to strengthen your connection to Source Energy on your own terms, in your own home, studio, or office, this Source Course with videos and accompanying transcripts and workbooks is for you!

Updates with links to all the details on the website ARE NOW LIVE. To go directly to a one-month-free link to the Sparkling Circle with sample access, please follow this link.


Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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