Facing our Fears & Flying Through Them

September 8, 2023

The Great Sacred South American Adventure

Happy Cazimi! This is a magical day to share that which lights up deeper important life-changing messages. Now, you may receive this hours after I send it, but a message sent is a message rocketing with love and increasing so powerfully through time you may have to buckle up. Part of the story here brought tears to our friend Boos’ eyes and it’s still making my head spin with light and new glyphs. It’s about past journeys and the important adventure coming THIS spring in South America!

I’ve been deep in research and exploration for years. I know I am here for love, joy, and sharing the Source Energy that brings us all together in health and harmony. Often, it’s a gentle and peaceful path, but sometimes the light goes to high beams and what I see/feel makes me breathless.

Life can be a bit of a scavenger hunt for me. I ask, “How may my hands serve today for the best and highest good?” Then, I unfold my heart. I follow clues. I look for signs. I float like a cork down the stream of my best intentions. I dance. I share. I listen. I still myself in the Pura Vida, of Pachamama, of Gaia, of home. I invite messages and good messengers. I decode or distill if it’s not in my native tongue. I put my hands to the clay of creation. The Language of Love is chatty. I write. I weave meaning with others. I knit with my solar plexus, my gut, my higher self. And I still myself again. 

On the best days I am danced. With these dances I often get visions. Sometimes I don’t even need to be danced for the downloads and visions to come. Sometimes, I’ll be awakened to stories. I’ll be roused to a daydreamy kind of dance and song, as was the case every pre-sunrise for the three weeks in Tonga to swim and dance with the record keepers—the Humpback whales and ancients. I’ve often been awakened in the middle of the night with what I’m told are Akashic templates. Sometimes they look to be scrolling downloads of scientific and mathematical equations. The kind I didn’t learn in public school. Other times it’s a blanket of glyphs, pictographs, and so much wisdom it can’t fit into one, small, woefully human Jane brain, yet still, it comes and comes. For years, they’ve come. Today, more glyphs spun in front of me after I connected the one from Chile with the symbol in Scotland, and back to a new spot in South America. There’s so much coming in and out, it’ll be divided between more than one blog.

Now back to the visions.

Sometimes I’m not sure how visions are connected, but these two visions, more than seven years apart, rose anew for me just yesterday to share with you as they relate to the coming retreat in South America. 

The first vision came while in a trance dance in the Green Church Hall a little more than a decade ago in Waimea (Kamuela), Hawai’i. It’s important you know that none of my visions nor any of my work comes from plant medicine, drug, or alcohol-altered states. Like ecstatic dance, trance dance is a sober and clean dance, but here, the dancers are blindfolded and protected from dancing into one another. It’s lovingly and carefully facilitated by one who is trained for the spiritual work of witnessing and there is only music, rattles, and drumming to move the energy in which the dancers dance. This was pre-Dancing Hands and one of many visions I’ve received in trance dance:

Vision One: Relating to Peru 

I am flying. I look over what would be my arms but here instead I stretch in dynamic soaring admiring my rainbow-colored, long-feathered wings. The contrast is brilliant over the verdant tropical rainforest of the land far below. As I finally land on a dry, semi-circle plateau carved into a steep mountain high in temple grounds, I realize I am shapeshifting from rainbow bird into human. Just as my transformation is complete, an angry, menacing mob rushes forward from around a bend in the path. They’d seen me come from the sky. Yet, even more quickly, from beneath the advancing crowd two slithering snakes race toward me. My bare arms reach forward, and the snakes wend tightly around each arm. In a flash, I plunge my snake-wrapped arms into the huge pot of molten gold boiling over a hot wood fire. The crowd stops in horror that I can plunge my arms into the pot and as I pull my arms from the roiling metal and raise them over my head, the snakes have turned to gold bracelets coiled up my arms. The people, who moments before were rushing to me, gasp realizing I now wear the bracelets of the shaman (two snakes twining up the staff is the symbol of the caduceus, the symbol of modern medicine even today). Later, I see even if I slip the gold bracelets off, I’m forever tattooed with the twinning, twining black snakes, gold-branded with their powerful energy into my forearms. “I am that/I am this throughout all time,” I hear.

Note: I didn’t know what to do with this vision once complete, and though I feared to do so, I knew I would have to journey to Peru someday. This was several years before the Dancing Hands danced. 

Vision Two: Relating to Ecuador

Via Zoom in 2020, I was Dancing Hands with a spectacularly talented artist who had just taken to a wheelchair in the folds of ALS, (Lou Gehrig’s Disease.) She was a dear friend of a dear friend and was working diligently to accept every possibility of miraculous healing, including signing up for every new and experimental medical protocol. I was honored and humbled she said yes to working with me, too, and for nearly six months we met weekly. My own beloved Aunt Barbara had succumbed to ALS 14 years earlier, and because Aunt Barbara still talks with me from the other side, I was hopeful she’d be helpful in turning my new friend around with a miraculous shift, even though so far, no one has been cured of ALS.

While dancing via Zoom mid 2020, my new friend shared she was beginning to lose the muscles that helped her eat, speak, and sing, and this was an untenable new facet. “Please, can you help me?” My hands lifted, and as always, I declared the dance for the best and highest good. Immediately, Source danced me into a vision showing me a dark, swinging descent. It felt a bit like The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, (the memoir and French film chronicling the editor of French Elle who was 100% aware of his surroundings but was losing all ability to communicate verbally or physically). 

I shared this vision with my new friend and that I saw her rappelling into massive, dark caves with singing birds. She was laughing, having the best time singing and swinging as she was lowered in.

“I’ve done this!” she said. 

“You’ve rappelled down into deep, dark caverns?” I asked.

“Yes!” and she’d told me that she’d been to Ecuador some time ago, did that very thing, and she lovvvvved it. Her face lit up.

The vision continued. I was amazed. I felt her joy. I saw her perfectly happy and unafraid there in the caves. And she agreed. She’d not been at all fearful when she’d rappelled in. I told her I also saw huge, golden, intricately carved doors but no one else seemed aware of them. They were closed and while I couldn’t read them because they were so massive, they were magnificent and felt significant. She said she’d not seen such doors, but it was nice to know. At the end I shared that that no matter what, she was going to be okay on these ropes. We would return to them and go back into the caves and see if there was a gift for her there, but she bravely and emphatically stated she didn’t want a long, drawn-out illness. Her voice was everything. If she couldn’t sing, she didn’t want to live. I felt her voice echo in the dark. I didn’t want to be afraid either, but I didn’t say that. I just listened to her voice echoing. Then I quietly said, “Maybe we’ll go there together one day. You can teach me not to be afraid of rappelling into a huge, dark cave.” 

Post Vision: 

That night, I was propelled to go shopping and ended up at the back of a local specialty grocery market where my arm reached up above eye-line and with one dancing finger flipped open a magazine high on a rack. I pulled it down. And what do you know—staring at me was an article about those very caves where the only access was rappelling into the dark. I brought the magazine back to share with Boosalah and he said what I already knew, “We have to go there.”

The vision, my new friend’s joyful recounting, and the magazine was a triple knock putting a God light on the caves for me. Yes, it still scares me in the same way I was frightened before the light switch flipped that I must go to Peru, and even when I fearfully knew I’d have to travel with Phillipa to swim with the Humpbacks in Tonga as soon as I met her in Hawai’i, (even though we wouldn’t go for another decade). Both were incredibly special trips. I can’t share what happened in Peru in print, yet, but someday—maybe during this trip—I will. It was magical. It’s all so magical. There is so much more to share, but for now, I am thrilled to return just one more time. Hopefully with you.

Even nearly three years after the dark cave dance, the visions haven’t softened the import of that cave in Ecuador. And while I’m still a bit afraid, since I’ve recently been asked to return to Peru and I’ve always been pulled to dance with the ancient, pure energies of the Galapagos, too, I know it’s time I’d fold the journey which is maybe as initially scary as swimming with 5-ton Humpbacks for three weeks. We’ll only be in the dark caves for three days, but my heart is beating hard about this journey. There is more that I can’t talk about, but maybe there I can? We’ll see. It’s this part that is bringing tears to Boosalah’s eyes, it’s so remarkable.

Even eight years into this wild gift, I’m still learning every day and doing my best to honor in every direction. I need to go there because of the vision my friend with ALS shared with me, the utter joy she felt singing like the birds using echolocation in the pitch dark, and I’m still seeing the massive golden doors. If you want more info on what I saw, look at the article that my Dancing Hands found after I danced with my new friend.

Last time we traveled to Peru we stayed in five-star hotels and ate at the loveliest restaurants. This time we’re staying in four-star hotels and while we will still be eating in lovely places, it won’t be as fancy. I’ve asked our friend Edson who lives there to please let us see the parts of Peru that are precious to the people of Peru, not just all the churches and museums. This time we will meet and work beside local artists, hike the trails, take a train, ride on horseback, and dance while always asking for permission from the land, the Apus, and her sentient beings participating in sacred ceremony everywhere we go. 

We have also been diligently working to make this more affordable, even after the pandemic has slammed the economy in Peru, too. Plus, for every person who joins us, the Kindle Journeys will be planting three trees to help rebalance and give back to the Pachamama.

Our final leg of the journey to get to the caves will be rigorous hiking, white water rafting and finally rappelling down ropes before hiking through the caves. For this leg, we only have room for seven participants but know that we’ve specially designed this trip so that friends can join one, two, or all three legs of this 21-day journey on which Boosalah and I will take you with our friend, Edson and hopefully Veronica, too—both Peruvian natives. For those who joined me last time, Veronica was our remarkable guide at Maras, Moray, and Machu Picchu, as well as granddaughter of one of the dear beloved Q’ero) 

For this trip and especially the last leg, I’ll also have to physically train myself every day, but again, I know I must go. And while Boosalah and I considered going on our own, we decided we’d let Source decide who is also ready. For this segment, we only have space for six others, plus our guides to join us for this final leg of our adventure to Sacred South America. If this part of the journey sounds intriguing, please refer to our site as we populate the retreat page with more and more information in the days to come.

Also, while we earlier mentioned to some that we might travel to the Galapagos on the EcoGalaxy Catamaran, we’ve since opted for the less expensive, more land-based journey so we’ll have more time on the land integrating with local culture at an easier price. We’ll still be in the water a fair amount, but I wanted more with the people and the land/water energies that are calling me/us to learn and share the gifts of our hearts.

So, before we close, I leave you all with a sweet reminder that was shared by all after our private and beautiful trip to Peru last time. Mere minutes after we gave thanks to the land and all her beings, a beautiful condor flew right over us with her blessing. Her wingspan was at least as my 6’ tip to tip and I knew I needed to face some more of my fears and explore how to fly through them.

Join me?

Have questions? Write to us at hello@janesibbett.com Yes, you can still join us in Rhode Island in two weeks. Yes, you can join us in the Hill Country of Texas for Mo Light, Mo Love in just about one month, and yes, you can join us in less than nine months in South America. 

Big hugs. Always,

Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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