Inner Wild

September 2, 2023

Joyous September to you! Happy Labor Day weekend in the US, Happy post super blue moon weekend everywhere else.

Are you feeling it? Are you dancing with every bit, too?

I’m just back from my mountain sojourn… But am I? Still rooted in the land, my heart leans forward. As my own union continues to walk for fair and equitable distribution of energies, Mama Earth turns toward her own equality with light.

Checking in our friends in Florida cleaning up from the latest hurricane, my heart leans forward. Embracing friends on Maui continuing to do sacred ceremony over the ashes and waters of the wildfire, my heart leans forward. My heart leans forward as we add our prayers and active love for rebalancing and fortification of All-That-Is everywhere, wherever the balance is needed. 

Before the rains yesterday, hot winds spun smoke from a faraway fire as I stepped outside. Instantly I’m transported to the bonfires of our old Trust Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains.  There women gathered their ancient celestial medicine baskets in a circle of shared wisdom. There our hearts always rose and set with respect as we passed the talking stick in equal turn. We became the equinox. All balanced dark and light.

Once again, we lean hearts in. We honor sun and moon, birth and death, questions, answers, best intentions and simplest being with All-That-Is sacred as is present in this breath and the next. What relationships need our focus now? Relationships with the Earth? With one another? With our holiest life/rebirth dance? Unbraiding our blessings, we shake the stardust from our eyes and sing and share from the bounty. 

As I opened my wingspan from the glorious filled-to-capacity Goddess Night Out dances last night, (99% new and powerful prayer dancers!) and the coming Autumn Equinox Circle, our New Circle and the Quanta to follow on the East Coast in just a few weeks, I feel the shedding of summer skin. My waterfall-kissed heart spills to the apex of the double spiral since climbing the Desolation Wilderness trails last week. Cradled in our blended family’s 100-year-old haven in the 100,000-year-old glacial bowl-cut mountains, I see more. We are a blink in the eye of time; the waxing of the super blue moon, the droplet into our deepest knowing well where our love dances.

In the Desolation Wilderness, my family and I use our outside voice, if I/we speak at all. My outside voice is quiet, listening, receptive and full of wonder. My ear is not stuffed with playlists and news. My head is not navigating traffic. My heart is open wide. Yes, the Language of Love is singing, but it’s the tone of the whispering winds in the pines, a rock receiving my foot, water or sunshine. There are no hinges here to creak, but this wilderness, she does speak to every cell of my reverence. The more I still, the quieter my soul can receive. I feel my hands dance anew—pushing words around a keyboard to see if any of them fit in this puzzle of how to gift you the beauty of what we all are when we hike, swim, float, fly, and rest in our sacred truth. Are you getting one last breath of summer as the winds change around you? What does that mean to see your inner wilds? How are they like the natural world? Dance here for a bit.

To the beautiful souls that can join me at the bonfire this September, I ask that you come with your focused intentions. Yes, yes, we always ask for the wide sweep of the best and highest good for one and all, but what vessel would you like to hold your sweetest, strongest, most impactful energy? Focus. What is your container? Is it love? or Tupperware? Are you holding the lantern for the travelers with a fine-tuned heart? Or are you casting a beam too wide? Lean into your own heart now. Bring your poetry. Draw your dreams. Stitch your 7” x 7” quilt square of intentions or weave an entire quilt. But please bring a dish of Purposeful Potluck. This is what we used to do. This is what feeds the souls who have gathered around bonfires for millennia. We bring this back to give back to community with joy. 

Come. Share. Bless. Feast. Enjoy. Circle up with Love. Hugging you now and always,

Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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