Jane’s Sparkling Circle

Together we are a Sparkling Circle of healers and helpers gathering from all parts of the Universe to learn, discern, grow, share, and improve the quality of life for all in mind, body, spirit, and emotions. We are thrilled to invite you to join us and look forward to growing and glowing together.

If you are simply wish to pop in to see the sparkles in the free section of our community, you may have one-month-free access to our public Events calendar, information about our special members’ courses, and a feed where you will be able to see Jane’s messages. Once in, you’ll also be able to see her special messages, music from her playlists, polls and more, interact more freely in a safe space with other souls enjoying Jane’s work over the years.

Our Mission

We are here for the best and highest good of one and all, individually and collectively. This code unlocks a safe space for light to unfold our most essential, sacred (sometimes) secret gifts, and we repeat it often as we meet new doorways of divine opportunity.

Arriving on this spinning planet in the name of Love and recognizing we are part of a luminous tribe, each integral to the collective bearing ancient wisdom, we come here to dance at the bonfire of discovery and share Source light for others to do the same.

In integrity, truth, harmony, and loving respect, we rise in joy together.

“Every song, every dance, every circle is different, just as every cell, everybody, every gathering is as unique as a note in the cord of universal harmony. We simply turn up the music, tune in to our hearts, and let pure Source dance us back into knowing of the perfection of our divine connection. Don’t worry – you can’t get this wrong.
This whole Life dance can be a lot more fun when we show up for our heart and intentions of the best and highest good. It’s often just about getting out of the way of ourselves and connecting to the sweet spot of joy where the healing, peace, rebalancing and reboot to harmony happens.”

– Jane

Our Goals

  • Helping one and all align with their Source energy and maintain their balance 
  • Helping one and all remember their powerful connectivity to the forces of Love, Light, and All-That-Is Source Energy here on the Pura Vida temple of Source 
  • Helping one and all heal their inner healer by re-membering who we all are in the dance of life and re-discover our sacred purpose
  • Assisting in nurturing the healthiest, happiest community 
  • Co-creating a safe space for our Sparkling Circle of healers and helpers to learn, discern, grow, share, and improve the quality of life for themselves and others in mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

Why This, Why Now

Many know and happily hold their gifts independently. Others yearn to learn how to access them. Still, more confess they do not know where to find “their people,” especially while navigating growing streams of spiritual service. We thrive when bringing the best of our hearts and souls together. The Internet grew a global village quickly in myriad, beautiful ways that wouldn’t have formerly been possible, and when the world shut down, it was a lifeline for many to keep connected. It’s how we met more than a handful of you, and for that, we are grateful. Yet, social media as a mainline became a double-edged sword for many, too.

We have and will continue to maintain our expanding website, but here, on this platform created with the Mighty Network and the elegant work of our sparkling team, outside of social media, we champion a new, robust option to co-create with our expansive family of light. We have just built the simplest foundation for a place for community support because we are stoked to co-create the rest with you.

Think of it as a frame for a new ballroom, and in it, we have a water cooler on the dancefloor where we can check in with one another, dance, chat, and spiritually hydrate. Co-creating from the sacred wellspring of harmony and sharing the lessons received, we now have a spacious place that can hold much of our dreamwork as well as new courses, videos, transcripts, and more creative and spontaneous dances and ways to connect with JANE (Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy of Source).

We find joy and honor in daily reawakening, nurturing, and helping expand the sacred, divine gift of purest Source energy within us all. Taking the time and making sacred space, we can more easily answer the unmistakable pull calling us to unlock the ineffable mysteries of living our purpose. We can breathe and reconnect. This is our hope that we can do this here shoulder to shoulder with you.

JANE is helping people align with their Source Energy and remember their connectivity to the forces of Love, Light, and All-That-Is Source Energy here on the temple of Source with the Pura Vida. Together here in this Sparkling Circle, we all have that opportunity to help one another heal and grow by re-membering who we are in the dance of life, individually and collectively.

With the ongoing Source Courses, our goal is to share, teach, and learn in concert with our members. We will welcome active incoming messages and prosperity of Spirit so that we may all thrive. Above all else, we will be encouraging each other to dive more deeply into the joyful gifts we all have to share in all parts of the world.

“Thank you for gifting the free month of Dailies and the Monday meta-tation. The Meta-tation is stunningly peaceful and beautiful. I will definitely sign up for the year at the end of the month. I’m starting Chapter 2 in H&P Circle today. LOVE all the water imagery in this one! The biggest surprise (so far) is the written portion. This writing opens my hands. I’ve only had that spontaneously happen with two other books: Hands of Light and a Mary Magdalene channeling titled I Remember Union.

This site is so lovingly put together….Congrats on the launch of this wonderful site.”


Engage Deeply and Expressively

Support takes support. We work together here. We also have a paid membership area for those seeking deeper immersion into their spiritual practice alongside a supportive community. Consider joining our the other members of our Sparkling Circle for an abundance of resources and opportunities to expand your knowledge and connect with others who share your interests.

Our monthly membership offers weekly meditations led by Jane, a monthly dance circle, as well as daily posts from Jane to help you stay connected to your higher self and greater purpose. With the paid membership, you also can respectfully co-create within the space, with access to a group chat and the ability to create posts to share with members. By supporting JANE and the work that we are doing, you are also helping advance our mission to activate the latent and emerging gifts of each person and fire up a network of healers and helpers enacting powerful, positive change in the world. We are also exploring the possibility of member-led spaces, such as a JANE book club, and more features to come!

By joining with others and trusting in the community’s support, we look forward to our members sharing in communal and personal ways for the upliftment of sacred gifts everywhere. With access to this community, the Quanta field, and a personal connection to Source Energy, we hope our members will learn to discern the Highest and Best Good for one and all and implement a daily, healthy practice of cultivating joy and nurturing pathways to bliss.

We are currently offering a 1-month free trial to try it out. To join the fun, please click here!

“ Tapping into Source Energy daily goes such a long way toward maintaining my connection. Sitting with this group of Powerful Ones helps me fortify me and model all the ways that connection can look and feel. Being bathed in Love daily is a phenomenal balm for the soul.”


Source Course Series

If you are called to profoundly engage with your spiritual practice in a disciplined and focused manner, the Source Course Series is now available. Each of the available courses includes video content for each chapter, a companion work/playbook of transcripts and opportunities for further engagement, complete access to the course material, exclusive live video calls with Jane each month, and a fully flexible format to suit your needs. 

The full-length Health & Peace Circle is a nine-week long course for spiritual enthusiasts at any stage of their journey. It trains Spiritual Athleticism, creates a space for awakening gifts to blossom fully, and assists you in cultivating your own connection with Source Energy to be accessed any moment, any place.
The Meta-tations in Mastery Course is an ongoing series to which we will be actively uploading new installments for you to enjoy any time of day or night.

The first volume is available now and contains exceptionally powerful energy and messages from Source. This course requires a greater degree of focus and dedication, but all who feel prepared to progress to the next stage of Spiritual Mastery are invited to join.

Our Conversations with Source Online Course has arrived!

To learn more about Meta-tations with Mastery, the Health & Peace Circle, Conversations with Source or anything in the Source Course Series, please click through below.