Mo’ Light, Vultures, & Dancing on a Broken Foot

October 27, 2023

Dear Friends,

Peace to all. It’s always such a tender pause for me to reach out to you here when the world has gone sideways. Because my social media accounts were sadly hacked just as I reached our retreat last weekend, I’ve also not been able to keep apprised of the news as quickly as I may have before. This is both good news and sad news for me. Good not to be consumed with so much bad, but it is sad I’m still working to harmonize the energies of contrasting forces pushing slimy AI-generated messages over our clean and clear social media feeds. 

Even the Meta help desks seem consumed with strange bots unable to help break us from the loop. And if one dares use the “h word” (rhymes with slacker), the AI unleashes hundreds of equally ridiculous bots in hopes of stealing y/our attention and money for a false sense of protection and crazier hijinx. Again, metaphors abound!  Honestly, it’s been helpful for me not to have access to the time-sucking of social media. It just takes more time to regain our sites and care for you and any who wish to join. All so petty and silly in the scheme of life, but if we don’t fortify our sites, then we can’t properly share our work with the integrity we deeply feel. So, with very few details but the greatest heart, my prayers fervently fly to the people of Maine, as well as to the Middle East, Ukraine, Hawaii, and all parts of the world, experiencing anything less than best and the highest good.

Every retreat will touch me, but especially now… It feels surreal to have barely touched down back in chilly Northern California, yet be feeling the deep changes. Like the trees that have just begun turning red, gold, and autumn brown, I feel my roots searching for healthier earth. I am still sighing with the winds wrapping gratitude and tangling the music and dance in our crowns woven by each of our many transformative circles in Mo’ Light, Mo’ Love at Mo Ranch. When you circle up (or “oblong up,” as we joked) with nearly 25 powerful and inspiring women in Texas, how can a retreat be anything but magnificent? It’s always a delicious dessert collaborating with dearest Ssasahh (Elissa) and her dancing queens of Austin, but this retreat was also especially uplifted by the gathering of all the gracious goddesses who came to Hunt, TX. Our group was not just from Texas; many had traveled in from the East and West Coasts of the US, and Canada, too. So much family was made from new friends and old on this trip. My mama heart feels soooo blessed!

Beginning the first dance in our historic stone house atop a high knoll is spectacular enough, but when you see dozens of turkey vultures sky dancing in lazy circles on the warm thermals far above the peaceful river, extra special magnificence was feathered over us all. We gathered here to feast, stargaze, sleep, meditate with the sunrise, laugh, cry, embrace, and adorn ourselves in sparkles and golden tats over our hearts. 

Lest you think this is an ominous sign to dance under turkey vultures, Zoroastrians thought vultures represented renewal and revitalization, so the soul was ensured of moving forward in their spiritual progression. Egyptians believed vultures not only embodied maternal instinct, but also safety. Mexican tradition gave the vultures the symbolic value of transformation. To Native Americans, these birds also represent duality—our spiritual nature and our body, heaven and earth, stagnation and action. Ancient Hebrews, seeing that these birds always appeared in pairs, associated vultures with love and commitment. Vultures were sacred to the Pharaohs of Egypt, being called Pharaoh’s Hen. She was the embodiment of the Feminine Principle of the universe. This connection was so strong that Nekhbet, Goddess of Upper Egypt was said to have the head of a Vulture and her wings spread, a sign of protection. Our Goddess archetypes came from our feathered friends!

When the vulture appears, it could mean we should be aware of the Protection, New Direction, and Perspective (from

How perfect is this? And deeply felt as I hear back from some of the women about new gifts that unfolded their new wings after our three days together in Hunt, TX:

“I could feel the vibration of energy coming from Source for (another member of our retreat) and the difference of sensation/knowing when the energy from Source was coming for me.

“I instinctively knew the oli that Jane was singing for (same member), and somehow, I knew the words that Jane was singing (in the Language of Love) and sang along with her, though I had never heard her sing this song before.

“My hands were very heavy as Jane danced, and I couldn’t put them down. Now, they are light and clear.” ~R

After partnering up in a new kind of Quanta Circle:

‘I heard something to share with my partner in the circle about her intuition. I felt so much love from Source and Jane for me and everyone else. I felt my intention was very grounded in my energy…I felt love grounded in my liver, chakras, and heart. I have a greater knowing that everything is love working together in ways we sometimes don’t understand. Seeing it all as love helps the magic to happen everywhere.” ~M

“I am feeling lighter, freer, and was nudged to share more of my own gifts.” ~J

“I feel so grateful. I feel so hopeful. I see my emotions have been damped down to serve others, and I pledge to open them and let them out. I love you, Jane.” ~L

And so onward we go!

How wild I should return to racing through my home to unpack, clear and clean, and then to have a cartoonish whack through a doorway to bruise and break my foot yesterday, too! Bizarre messages to slow down? Watch those thresholds from retreat to return. Learn my new dimensions again? Ay, ay, ay. And yes, this does have a further impact on more than slowing down and finishing the book this coming month, but on today’s Quanta Circle. 

For those who have already signed up and for those who were hoping to sign up, I will still dance with my broken foot, but I’ll be dancing from my chair or my tuffet, much in the same way I dance for the Meta-tations or the Conversations with Source. There is no cast. You will still be welcome to dance any way you wish as we circle! If you or any would prefer to wait until the next Quanta Circle for the dance, I will roll your place to November or December. If you wish to stay in this intimate circle where there are clearly no mistakes, just more ways to listen, I’ll see you today at 5:30 PM Pacific and Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 AM. Just let me know!

And for those who would like to retreat for great, joyous transformation next or think they would like to join us in the spring… We are not only looking forward to our retreat in Peru and Ecuador for one, two, or three weeks, (you choose), but North Carolina, too, for three days. All are welcome.

Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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