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Jane Sibbett & Jane’s Dancing Hands


Jane Sibbett + Jane’s Dancing Hands

Jane Sibbett is an American actress, writer, director, photographer, producer, advocate, and prayer dancer. While among her 200 episodes of TV and film she is often best known as Ross’ lesbian ex-wife, Carol on NBC’s sitcom Friends, Jane’s Dancing Hands is a relatively new part of her life where no acting is allowed, just allowing of the miraculous.

Sibbett began intensely traveling the world in the last decade producing live events and documentaries for world renowned healers and helpers, and with her team helped link and empower up to half a million spiritually connected groups and individuals per year.

In May 2015 while working with another gifted conduit of Source energy, Jane suddenly found her hands “dancing” in ways that brought many to peace, alignment, joy, purest love, and deep healing. As her hands spontaneously danced, breaks reset, cancer vanished, fevers, addiction, and many ailments and traumas disappeared and allowed for more health, positivity, and wholeness.

Soon Jane’s entire body was “danced by Source*” for individuals and groups and more received help. Within a year, a new voice emerged, and she also began “being sung and spoken” in a way Jane hears is not speaking in tongues or light language, but “the Love behind the G*d that created the universe.”

Even six years from the “hands opening,” new circles online and in-person continue evolving from the changing frequency of the sounds coming through Jane’s hands, the language she now speaks and often translates, and the constant expansion of the gift of Source dancing with each soul who joins her as well as the Pura Vida of heaven on earth.

The gift dancing through Jane many times opens up the abilities for others to begin understanding greater self-healing as well as deepening intuition. Even traditional doctors, surgeons, therapists, priests, and alternative healers alike seek the dancing gift’s support.

Jane doesn’t call herself a healer, but a conduit, or a prayer dancer of Source energy. Harmonizing and healing in mind, body, emotions, and spirit often occurs during and after Dancing Hands sessions or events, live, remotely, and even through the quantum field when people view her videos or hear her recordings weeks or months later. Because that which happens when Jane’s hands automatically begin dancing defies tradition or definition— her friends coined “Jane’s Dancing Hands” simply describing their motion, not what comes through. How they connect with each is as different every time as it is with every circle, ever rotation, every session, and intention, yet always brings peace and love to all.

*Jane uses the words Source or Source Energy to honor all belief systems. Please substitute to your comfort: God, Goddess, Creator, Holy Spirit, Great Mother or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we all have to dance in the Dancing Hands Circle?

One doesn’t have to be a dancer or even need to even dance, but Jane invites all to the circle to participate as they wish. If participants are not able to stand, we’ll also have a few chairs or to sit upon and they’ll be “danced” with the group. Many feel the fun of the circle energy and begin to dance, move, sway or rock. All are encouraged to listen to the wisdom of their higher self and body to move in ways that feels good, yet some go into deep rest. Even with online circles, many feel safe to allow their body to dance with it all in the Zoom rooms.

What happens in Jane's Dancing Hands Circles?

While every circle, each time is quite different for another, in person or online, Jane personally connects with and introduces herself to everyone. The facilitator of the event or Jane reminds the participants she and Source are here only for the best and highest good of one and all.  We share the basic format, timing, and various ways that the gift of JDH has impacted others.


In Jane’s Dancing Hands Circles (except for JDH in person Quanta Circles) there is a play mix of various types of music from traditions all around the world to light each up in myriad ways, including Jane, and as she is moved by Source energy others, too, may experience a new way of feeling and moving into and with the most joyful parts of pure *Source Energy connection. Some feel peace, some experience mind, body, emotional, or spiritual healing, or even bliss.  Some realize their own gifts, while others experience clarity, greater focus, and grace, or receive messages. 

May we bring kids and/or pets?

Children are welcome, (Jane has three kids and loves all children), but parents must agree that if kiddos become extra animated or noisy, (as the energy can bring elation or wiggles), parents will be asked to honor their kids needs for attention and to step outside with them so that other attendants may have a more focused session.  We have found pets often get the same wiggly impulse, so we prefer unless they are a super mellow service animal to leave them at home. Thank you for honoring the peace for one and all if wigglies arrive.

What do we wear and bring?

Dress for joyful movement. For in-person circles, bring a blanket or a yoga mat for floor comfort. Thank you for not eating in the room or online during any session without permission, but on retreats snacks are, of course, encouraged. Water or sealed bottles of beverages are fine. This is a sacred space, so bless you for honoring and showing up even in the Zoom rooms as one would in prayerful meditation, temples, churches, or yoga studios.

No photography or recording without the express permission of Jane Sibbett.

You are on time, safe, ready, and lovingly held to dance more deeply with all the beauty you are.