Health & Peace Circle Online Course – Complete Volume Set


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“It was soft and peaceful. It brought me strongly in line with my divine essence.” -Vasiliki


The 9-week ‘Health & Peace Circle’ Course offers:

Video and audio content for each chapter – 6 Chapters per Volume
Each video includes approximately 30 minutes of activation and meditation through Jane’s Dancing Hands and vocalizations, and 30 minutes of messages from Source in the Language of Love, translated by Jane. (Approximately 5-6 hours of video per volume.)

A companion workbook
Includes a full transcription of the messages from Source to accompany the video or be read at your leisure. Also offers Questions for Expansion at the end of each chapter, through which students are encouraged to engage more personally with the Source Course material and the energetic messages contained within.

Unlimited access to the course material*
Watch each video once, or seven times over! You will receive lifetime access to the course platform and content with a one-time purchase or subscription and can re-watch as often as you wish.

Live group video calls with Jane monthly through December 2023
A designated time slot will be allotted for students participating in the course. The video call will be an hour and a half long and will include activation and meditation, the potential for messages to be channeled from Source, and time to answer questions and check in on how students are finding the course. After December 2023, recordings of the video calls will be made available to students.

A fully customizable format
The course is designed to suit the needs of the individual. The Source Course is suited to a single student or a group, is flexible to build into a busy schedule, and encourages six days of work and one day of rest each week.

* The minimum access guarantee to this content is three years from the launch date, March 25, 2023. Following March 25, 2026, JANE reserves the right to remove and replace this course material with updated content and more recent courses.

“I haven’t moved so freely in my body in a long time!” -Suzanna


I asked Source about timing and parameters because this was the all-business voice of Source where this no extra waiting, reminding, fluff or hand-holding…



  • It is strongly suggested that if you begin this course that you see it through to its completion. This course has been broken into modules for maximum ease and happiest success.
  • Commitment and daily practice is strongly encouraged for greatest benefit. Six days a week with one day of rest is recommended.
  • Remove distractions from your study environment before beginning each lesson. This includes beloved family members, friends, animals, phones, work, texting, food, snacks, etc. Beverages are fine, but please do your best to be fully present as if we are in a holy place reawakening mastery—because we are.
  • The dance (meditation and activation) at the start of each session is approximately 30 minutes, with channelling from Source to follow, for a total of 50-60 minutes.
  • Feedback via journaling should be engaged immediately following the session video, in line with the workbook prompts. Knowing that some don’t and won’t get messages or insights immediately, Source said be open to journaling insights or revelations as they come. Keep your journal nearby. This will help strengthen Source connection and intuitive tools. Depending upon the depth of your exploration, this can take anywhere between 10-60 minutes.
  • MBSE Check-in: Please note how you are feeling before and after each session, and on a scale of 1-10 (10 being off-the-chart amazing, and 1 needing extra love and support) in a Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions check-in.
  • Energy is shared on the quantum level and the energy of these sessions can be so powerful that Jane is moved to lie down on the ground where there is extra Pura Vida support. If you ever become dizzy, or are so moved to sit or lie down as well, please ensure there is a comfortable space for you nearby to do so. This is rare, but not unusual.
  • No other recording, or picture taking, or even screenshots are permitted from anyone beyond Jane or Jason.
  • There may be a request to use some of your feedback anecdotally later, in the book or in ways Jane cannot yet see. Please let us know if you wish to contribute to the group discussion that may benefit others, or if you would rather keep your spiritual journey private.



This policy is to ensure that the healing practices, exercises, materials, and terms presented to participants in any program are utilized appropriately. To enroll in any program or course, participants agree to the restrictions on the use of information presented by Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy (henceforth referred to as JANE) and participants must observe the following guidelines for using and sharing this work:

  1. Participants of the JANE Circles may not advertise or present themselves in any way that implies that they are a branch or authorized representative of the JANE Circles.
  2. Participants may not advertise or represent themselves as being certified by the JANE to teach, until Source Courses through JANE work have been completed and have received the appropriate certification and authorization by Jane Sibbett, JANE, and The Family of Light, Inc.
  3. Our teaching is an oral tradition and students are encouraged to take notes. However, any materials—transcribed or otherwise—handed out during the JANE, and Source Courses are for the students’ personal use only. Students may not provide materials to any other individuals, including clients or family members, unless authorized by the JANE through written permission.
  4. You may not teach JANE healing techniques, methods, exercises, materials, or any other part of the curriculum developed or used by the JANE Circles or Source Courses in any manner. Setting up schools, or sponsoring seminars, workshops and training programs that use the JANE techniques, curriculum, and channeled materials is unlawful, and prohibited.
  5. If a JANE participant wishes to give an informational talk or seminar about Jane Sibbett or JANE Circles and the work, please contact the office to obtain guidelines and materials available for such events. We’re here to help share the love.
  6. The online platform videos and class materials are the property of Jane Sibbett, JANE, and The Family of Light, Inc., and may not be downloaded, copied, or reproduced in any way.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that the technology used at the time of recording was imprecise and subject to the fluctuating internet connectivity present at the start of the pandemic. The videos have been edited as a result to run more smoothly, as well as to protect the identity of the original participants. Prospective students should note that these edits have not influenced the energy contained within each session – they have only served to improve cohesion.