Deepen in community and connection to source…

October 20–22, 2023

Mo’ Love Mo’ Light at Mo Ranch, Texas

We are gathering a group of wild woomyn for a long weekend full of nurturing, nourishing, and revitalizing energy in a blessed, blissful space in Texas just off the beaten path. This retreat is designed to facilitate a deeper connection to the Divine in every moment, create and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood and community with all those present, and encourage each woman to wholly embrace her authentic, creative, awe-inspiring sacred feminine nature.

You are invited to join us…

Starting May 22, 2024

Join us on a magical journey to South America…

This dancing adventure is calling us​ through time

We are traveling three segments of phenomenal journey from Peru to Ecuador with an intimate group of under 20 people. This allows ease of travel and daily/nightly dancing with the gift from purest Source energy that running through Jane’s Dancing Hands, voice, eyes, whole body, spirit, and heart.

Join us…

Eyeing September 2022

Join us on a magical journey to Scotland…

Join Jane Sibbett and an intimate merry band for 9 nights and 10 1/2 days of Jane’s Dancing Hands second tour through mystical Sacred Scotland. Find out what now is drawing her back and so soon. Is it the beautiful people? The magnetic energies of the phenomenal land? Its ancient architecture? Or something deeper? Maybe it’s her mission to help people connect more deeply to all they truly are as divine pieces of Creator or to help the earth reawaken to peace, health, healing, and wholeness. Can you feel it in your heart? Do you feel the rising light as you, too, are ready to step onto your sacred path?

From first dance, the energies in Scotland were so strong for Jane’s Dancing Hands, the Pura Vida of the land, took Jane’s hands joyfully and with Source energy as always leading, it literally danced them into the sand on the shores of the North Sea creating beautiful patterns over and over again, much like a mini crop circle or complicated petroglyphs. From Dancing Hands to the Language of Love that comes from the G*d that created the universe, and now to the Dancing Sand Glyphs this adventure of trust in the best and highest good continues.

Join us…

October 24-30, 2022

Aloha Rising, Hawai’i Island

From the Point of Creation…The Hawai’i Circles with Jane’s Dancing Hands

How would you like to experience this gift of pure Source and the Pura Vida (pure Elemental life) with the most sacred connection of aloha?

I invite you to join us…

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