The Source Course Series

Meta-tations in Mastery

“It’s time for something new.”

I listened carefully as Source asked me to open up to share new ways for anyone who wished to connect even more profoundly with purest Source energy and the Pura Vida of Source…

In the beginning of the pandemic this conversation occurred. If you’ve not yet heard or don’t remember how all this material came through in the past three years, please review. And if you have read it, please skip to ((anchor on page to next bit on Meta-tations))

Jane: “More profoundly than a JDH Quanta Circle?” I asked.
Source: Yes.
J: I thought we were taking this time to write the book.
S: Yes, and this will help write the book, but more, we are going much deeper to simultaneously assist those who are also ready to receive the newer energies of mastery in community for the “Coming Times.”

Source then showed me some – shall we say – interesting happenings on various planes.

J: It seems pretty serious.
S: It is.
J: Is this more important than getting the book turned in and my vegetable gardens done?
S: Both are important, but yes, it must be done concurrently. Gardens are lessons in cultivating and nurturing self-reliance, sustainability and deeper connection with Source’s Pura Vida.

I asked about timing and parameters because this was the all-business voice of Source. I was told this new segment of information was for a group who was timely, conscientious, who already understood how to Zoom, could still themselves to meditative receiving, and very dearly wished to learn or refine how one can come in service to a deeper connection to All-That-Is.

So we have invited you to The Health & Peace Circle, to Conversations with Source, and now we’re inviting you to the Meta-tations in Mastery.


After Source gave us the Health & Peace Circles and the Conversations with Source and at the end of 2022 I experienced the painful loss of a trusted friend, Source gently encouraged me to get back on my tuffet. Boosalah heard the call, too, and said, “We need to start meditating again. We need a reset.” I humbly agreed. I know how important receiving in the stillness is. I’d not been taking care of myself. I also keenly know how challenging it has been for me to carve any time out for exercise and the essential spiritual exercise of quiet listening that occurs when stretching into timelessness upon the meditation tuffet, (or zafu.) I knew it was imperative.

 You can imagine my surprise when that first day we sat on Zoom– Boosalah in Alaska, me in N. California and Source everywhere–when it wasn’t the gentle restorative meditation of my days at Agape, but a powerful sweet punchbowl of cosmic Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy x 7!  I was on that tuffet, and lovely music played in the background, but this wasn’t your normal quiet peace, this was raucous HELLO! WHATCHA DOIN’ squealing with Language of Love JOY to see us energy! Oh, my goodness! Talk about sucking the blues right out of me! This energy was fresh, wildly exciting, and so potent I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Unlike JDH Circles, or the teachings of Health & Peace or Conversations with Source, these meditations didn’t really seem like meditations. They were rich with spinning mudras I’ve never seen and the Language of Love seemed to have taken on more dialects that were infused with a light that pierced me with bliss.

 You may have read in a recent newsletter that I tried to type out an invitation for others to join us in the meditation and wanted to describe what I had experienced with Boos that first week and three times the word meditation came up marked wrong by spellchecker. What the heck? I stopped to listen. Finally, I heard Source say, “These aren’t meditations, they are Meta-tations.” To read more of this story, please join our new community platform. There’s no cost to look around, and under the Source Course Series you can find additional information about the Meta-tations in Mastery.


What’s it like to collaborate with Source Energy through JANE’s* dance of co-creating the best version of you?
  • Calms the nervous system and realigns the chakra systems
  • Sharpens the inner vision while improving the quality of what the eyes receive from the outer world
  • Allows access to the bliss points to facilitate self-healing
  • Enhances learning and increases the retention of information
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Fortifies the heart, spirit, and emotional wellbeing
Why a Circle?
Working with the Pura Vida and in the sacred geometric energies of millennia used by shamans throughout time, whether we sit, dance, or pray in person or online, this is the shape that holds great power, support, and protection for the Best and Highest Good of One and All, individually and collectively. We don’t believe in the hierarchal shape of learning but ascribe to the notion that we are all integral in discovering and creating our best collective energy.
What do participants say about JANE's Circles?

“How amazing I feel builds exponentially each day… I’m incredibly grateful and sharing it all about.”

“I’m getting such deep healing that I didn’t even know I needed. Feeling soft and tender, vulnerable in my heart. The stillness and the isolation are giving me the sacred space I’ve needed to hear my own yearnings.”
Dr. Mary Ann

“I was mesmerized by the dance tonight. Have [had] a hard time for few days now to find any zest for life, hard to put one foot in front of other. Being wrapped in all the love brought many tears and peacefulness.”

“That was a divinely peaceful space in time.”

“It is so good to have it be reinforced that our gifts are real and true and not weird or strange in a negative way. They are about being true to ourselves.”

“This has been giving me so much life! It’s really saving me. So grateful!”

“I felt Source touch my heart through [Jane’s] voice.”

“It was soft and peaceful. It brought me strongly in line with my divine essence.”

“I haven’t moved so freely in my body in a long time!”

“It was very powerful energy flowing; my body is tingling and all my cells are vibrating.”

*Joyfully Activate the Nurturing Energy of Source

source light

“I became one with the energy, absorbed by and in it, resulting in a beautiful embrace and dance with the Divine.”


Highlights of the Course

  • Powerful frequencies from Source Energy bringing your chakras into alignment and expansion with your Higher Self while simultaneously soothing your nervous system
  • Cultivation of the still, sacred space within to be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • A series of guided meditations and channeled messages from Source via JANE (Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy)
  • Structured time inviting deeper discipline interfacing with Source-channeled information and activating on a cellular and intellectual level to facilitate higher inspiration and daily balance
  • Encouragement to develop clearer listening of Source Energy through all known and untapped senses and the encouragement for co-creation with sentient information everywhere

“I was flooded with loving energy and I had no sciatic pain during the dance.”


Details from the Course

What the online course offers

The Meta-tations in Mastery Online Course is a deeply nurturing and restorative space, cultivated for those in need of greater flexibility in their course structure. The sessions are condensed to half an hour, providing a potent distillation of healing Source Energy that can fit anywhere in your day.

This course offers video and audio content for each chapter, an online companion workbook, unlimited access to the course material*, exclusive live video calls with Jane monthly until Spring 2024, and a fully customizable format designed to suit your individual needs. As this is an ongoing course, there is also the potential to tune in live on JANE’s Sparkling Circle each Monday for new sessions as they come through. More detail on each of these points is provided on the Source Course Series Overview page.

It should be noted that Source often chooses to speak in the Language of Love, rather than in English during these sessions; therefore, the volumes may appear to have less content than those of other JANE courses. However, the strength of these sessions infused with Source’s focused Pura Vida Energy is no less than the deepening work of Health & Peace or Conversation with Source, but rather the next expansive layer in the mastery of heaven on earth within the life work of the eternal soul.

*The minimum access guarantee to this content is three years from the launch date, June 3, 2023. Following June 3, 2026, JANE reserves the right to remove and replace this course material with updated content and more recent courses.

More info

Video and audio content for each chapter
There are 6 chapters per volume of this course. Each chapter contains a video and a full transcription of the messages from Source to accompany that video. Each video includes approximately 30 minutes of activation and meditation through Jane’s Dancing Hands and vocalizations, and 30 minutes of messages from Source in the Language of Love, translated by Jane. (Approximately 5-6 hours of video per volume)

A companion workbook
Includes a full transcription of the messages from Source to accompany each video or be read at your leisure. Also offers Questions for Expansion at the end of each chapter, through which students are encouraged to engage more personally with the course material and the energetic messages contained within.

Unlimited access to the course material*
Watch each video once, or seven times over! You will receive lifetime access to the course platform and content with a one-time purchase and can re-watch as often as you wish.

Live group video calls with Jane monthly through December 2023
A designated time slot will be allotted for students participating in the course. The video call will be an hour and a half long, and will include an activation and meditation, the potential for messages to be channeled from Source, and time to answer questions and check-in on how students are finding the course. After December 2023, recordings of the video calls will be made available to students.

A fully customizable format
The course is designed to suit the needs of the individual. The Health & Peace Course is suited to a single student or a group, is flexible to build into a busy schedule, and encourages six days of work and one day of rest each week.

* The minimum access guarantee to this content is three years from the launch date, March 25, 2023. Following March 25, 2026, JANE reserves the right to remove and replace this course material with updated content and more recent courses.

“There was so much bright light… I became more in tune with my body. I moved into healing mode.”


PLEASE READ Pre-requisite:
While this series does not have a prerequisite course as in the case of the Source Course series Conversations with Source, the energy coming through from the very first session is powerful and direct in its information and activating energies. This is a series for those who have extensive practice with Jane’s Dancing Hands work and in particular with the sacred space structure and respect of your “classtime” as in the series Conversations with Source. These videos have no introduction in how to sit, focus, or create your sacred space for your ultimate success as seen in the Health & Peace Circles and for some, these feel along the lines of a Masters Course akin to Conversations as there is no hand holding. The energy is loving, as always, but if you have any questions or doubt whether this course is for you, please reach out to us at to discuss.

Extra course materials:
Physical journal for deepening meditation transmissions after meditation. We have some available for purchase online or you may use your own. While we understand many use digital journals for ease, it is encouraged to write in a physical journal to activate your hands to receive the information in a slower and more focused way for the deepening reflections and insights. You may also wish to draw what you see. Be prepared to play outside of the lines here.

*The minimum access guarantee to this content is three years from the launch date, March 25, 2023. Following March 25, 2026, JANE reserves the right to remove and replace this course material with updated content and more recent courses.