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Source Course


Conversations in Mastery

More than a traditional course in meditation, this Source Course is an expanding wave of activation in mastery for these ever-evolving times.

After more than 75 sessions with a beta group, this is for all who are ready to make a commitment to their sacred journey with Source in a new, personal, and profoundly moving way.

More details and registration info coming soon!

Upcoming Event

Expanded Quanta Circle


April 13th - 15th, 2023

3 Consecutive Days in One Wave of Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy

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When Skies Dance & Mountains Sing the Miraculous

When Skies Dance & Mountains Sing the Miraculous

Dear Beautiful You! Dematerialized by our recent journey, Alaska continues to wash through me even though my bones have been back in N. CA for a few days now. Trying to find my footing, I marvel over the shape of the delicate snowflake lighting on my fingertip, and in...

Adventures in Ecstasy, Alaska

Adventures in Ecstasy, Alaska

Dear Beautiful You! Hearts up; I am being rewritten by Alaska. Even as I share these heart-glyphs/words aching to convey my intense gratitude for being here, I am pretty sure every superlative in my English will fail. Mothertongue, help me! Every day since I arrived...

Happy New Year Message + Invite

Happy New Year Message + Invite

Dearest Sparkling Circle, Happy New Year! Let that wish fall around you like wildflower seed confetti. These are the first words of 2022 I’ve written. Dearest. Sparkling. Circle. And Happy. New. (Spacious) Year… life… anything you wish. Is it time to make intentions...