The Source Course Series

A Living Library to Joyfully Activate the Nurturing Energy of Source each time we open the Book of You!

A Brief History

Whispered by Source near-daily in the early days of lockdown, then transcribed and nurtured by a phenomenal team of loving hands, the final product is a toolbox to use in your own time to hone your dance with Source-led Mastery.

Because this Source Course Series began downloading with no advance notice amid the chaos of the pandemic with a request from Source to start to to share with a broader group just two days later from Jane’s home studio, this wasn’t about getting it movie production-perfect or even public TV quasi-perfect. This was about using the tools we had at hand via our humble Zoom room to help who we could as quickly as possible. This help manifested in receiving not only the messages from Source, but also trusting what was opening within each to share for a more harmonious and unified field of positive transformation for humanity.

With no end in sight and with concerns of health and peace swirling around the globe, we had also been asked not to waste a moment more in getting this up and available to others who resonate to a compassionate way forward from any eye of any storm.

When it was posited that we consider starting over with higher quality equipment, Source emphatically shared that nothing was to be wasted—not time, not stuttering connectivity with Wi-Fi, not a single beat or frame. Even in the humblest shares, the group learned to cultivate trust that the connection and information were running even through the stalls or reboots of the storms. Participants began to settle in and let control go for only the Best and Highest Good to prevail. Everyone began to hold greater focus on balance, health, and even peace while many in the world were quaking with the unknown and grappling with contrasting beliefs, philosophies, and some of the more complex questions of life. Listening became deeper even in the gaps of “knowing” or Internet bubbles. Our group stopped asking, praying, and searching, and learned instead to be in the frame of something new; to BE in the peace, to be the dancing mudras, or the Language of Love pouring in from Source through Jane. It was new and exciting energy and this Source Course Series has continued to evolve ever since into a collection to be shared on an even greater scale.

Our Current Courses

Cultivate and co-create with Source the healthiest state of mind, body, spiritual, and emotional balance no matter what challenges the world brings to you to ultimately gain greater peace.

Health & Peace Circle

While we began these Health & Peace Circles with Source in the early days of the pandemic, these activating messages are essential and enduring. Loving and resonant Source Energy is imbued into each session, meeting you wherever you are in your spiritual journey. You will be encouraged throughout the course to trust and develop the long-standing and awakening gifts within you, as well as nurture your connection with Source Energy which is accessible at any time. Energetic activations and guided meditations with Jane’s Dancing Hands and channeled vocalizations from Source are present in each chapter.
These messages from Source have import on your personal life rhythms, the world around each of us, and the wider universe beyond our Earth. Source has employed a combination of learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and written) in order to facilitate deep understanding on myriad levels.

This Health & Peace Circle course is a transformative experience, and students can expect to emerge from it with a greater understanding of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, a toolkit for accessing a loving frequency of Source Energy at any time, and a deep internal peace within to transport you safely through challenging and mutable circumstances.

Conversations with Source

During the pandemic, this Source Course was divinely orchestrated so we could learn together. While the beta group sessions were channeled live, this round of Conversations with Source in the new JANE’s Sparkling Circle platform will have greater flexibility for you and a new, growing community to join any time of the day that works for you. Furthermore, set dates are offered to students enrolled in the course to participate in monthly online sessions with Jane and fellow Source Course participants. Here, each person will have time for greater clarification and deepening of the material’s activating message in the videos, transcripts, or anything that may arise from your time in your online sessions.

While JANE’s Dancing Hands Circles often have great fun and joy, these sessions embody a shift to meet the mutable and wildly swirling times with greater calm and honor. The messages channeled from Source Energy throughout this course carry with them a great respect for students committing to the daily acknowledgement and honing of their gifts. There is a gravity to the mission that many have been called to support: the aim to help the unconscious remember their soul’s truth and awaken the gifts that have been lying dormant within them for years. The Conversations with Source course is a serious step into mastery, and students that complete the course can anticipate a metamorphosis that deepens their spiritual practice and transcendent abilities of connection, as well as amplifies their gifts and understanding of how to best implement them to heal the world.

Meta-tations in Mastery

This latest modality of transmission which has been flying in since the New Year is so flush with new material unlike anything felt in our circles before. Powerful frequencies from Source Energy can be expected, working to bring your chakras into alignment and facilitate expansion with your Higher Self while soothing your nervous system in the sweetest peace, too. And more, fresh and invigorating dialects are harmonizing within the Language of Love coming through, making this course extra exciting and special for all those involved.

The course aids in the cultivation of a still, sacred space within to be accessed anytime, anywhere. The chapters within are a series of guided meditations and channeled messages from Source via JANE (Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy). This ongoing course provides structured time inviting deeper discipline interfacing with Source-channeled information and activating on a cellular and intellectual level to facilitate higher inspiration and daily balance. Additionally, there is constant encouragement to develop clearer listening to Source Energy through all known and untapped senses, as well as the opportunity for loving co-creation with sentient information everywhere.

Course Comparisons

*Suggested times account for full video length and time with the workbook, but you may decide to go as deeply into this work as you wish.

What participants say about the Health & Peace Circle

“How amazing I feel builds exponentially each day…I’m incredibly grateful and sharing it all about.”

– Zanni
“I’m getting such deep healing that I didn’t even know I needed. Feeling soft and tender, vulnerable in my heart. The stillness and the isolation are giving me the sacred space I’ve needed to hear my own yearnings.”

– Dr. Mary Ann
“I was mesmerized by the dance tonight. Have [had] a hard time for few days now to find any zest for life, hard to put one foot in front of other. Being wrapped in all the love brought many tears and peacefulness.”

– Jarka

“That was a divinely peaceful space in time.” 

– Vicki
“It is so good to have it be reinforced that our gifts are real and true and not weird or strange in a negative way. They are about being true to ourselves.”

– Gail

What participants say about the Conversations with Source

“I feel these sessions have planted new seeds, new beginnings and they are also starting to bloom, but still seeds will be being planted these next few weeks. The anticipation to see what will be springing forth is also setting in, to see what will be blooming.”

– Wendy


“I think we all carry wounding from forgetting who we really are and what we are here to do. In the process of remembering, we wake up to our Divinity, and we are restored to our perfection.”

– Anita


“This journey has brought me to exactly where I need to be. I am exactly the person I have always meant to be. I knew I was destined for something big. This is it.”

– Rose


“I feel more connected to who I truly Am…a creative being with a beautiful vision of this ‘now’ moment and the future.”

– Tani

“This energy is so powerful that it supersedes all the earthly obstacles of space and time. We are one and this time together across time and space has been linked. So powerful. So beautiful. God is good.”

– Diane
What’s it like to collaborate with Source Energy through JANE’s* dance of co-creating the best version of you?
  • Calms the nervous system and realigns the chakra systems
  • Sharpens the inner vision while improving the quality of what the eyes receive from the outer world
  • Allows access to the bliss points to facilitate self-healing
  • Enhances learning and increases the retention of information
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Fortifies the heart, spirit, and emotional wellbeing
Why a Circle?

Working with the Pura Vida and in the sacred geometric energies of millennia used by shamans throughout time, whether we sit, dance, or pray in person or online, this is the shape that holds great power, support, and protection for the Best and Highest Good of One and All, individually and collectively. We don’t believe in the hierarchal shape of learning but ascribe to the notion that we are all integral in discovering and creating our best collective energy.

Who is it for?
The modern world has many demands on our timing and attention, which can make many courses seem overwhelming to commit to. The Source Course Series is designed specifically for those with already tight schedules who need their spiritual practice to be a little more malleable. If you are one who can rarely attend the JANE’s Dancing Hands sessions due to timing, or simply would like to strengthen your connection to Source Energy, these courses allow you the opportunity to do so on your own terms. There are no time constraints on how quickly you must progress through the lessons and the flexible learning platform allows you to revisit any session for a refresher of where you left off. Life can be unpredictable, so our courses are created to be reliable.
What the Source Course Series online courses offer:

Video and audio content for each chapter
Each video in the Health & Peace Circle Online Course and the Conversations with Source Online Course includes approximately 30 minutes of activation and meditation through Jane’s Dancing Hands and vocalizations, and 30 minutes of messages from Source in the Language of Love, translated by Jane. The Meta-tations in Mastery Online Course is slightly more condensed, with videos between 30–45 minutes long, but these still include a complete meditation and often additional channeled messages from Source Energy through Jane.

An online companion workbook
Includes a full transcription of the messages from Source to accompany the video or be read at your leisure. Each course contains a selection of questions at the end of each chapter, through which students are encouraged to engage more personally with the Source Course material and the energetic messages contained within. Some volumes additionally offer Opportunities for Activation to be completed in your own time and Addendums that provide greater context and clarity for the messages in each chapter.

You are encouraged after each session to meditate upon your experience and commit this to the page while it remains fresh in your mind. Letting the messages roll through your being, your fingers, and onto the page give greater space and time for dancing with the wisdom that will continue to roll through you.

Unlimited access to the course material*
Watch each video once, or seven times over! You will receive lifetime access to the course platform and content with a one-time purchase and can re-watch as often as desired.

Exclusive live video calls with Jane monthly until Spring 2024
A designated time slot will be allotted exclusively for students participating in the course. The video call will be an hour and a half long, and will include an activation and meditation, the potential for messages to be channeled from Source, and time to answer questions and check in on how students are finding the course.

There will be one monthly group video call, whether you purchase one volume of six sessions and utilize them daily (as were given), or spread them out for an every-other-day practice.

A fully customizable format
These courses are all designed to suit the needs of the individual. Each of the installments of the Source Course Series is flexible to build into a busy schedule and encourages six days of work and one day of rest each week. Join as a single student or band with others in a group you may wish to join or bring. A healthy and supportive community is often encouraged in JANE Circles, and we also recognize the personal journey is equally important. You choose!

*The minimum access guarantee to this content is three years from the launch date, June 3, 2023. Following June 3, 2026, JANE reserves the right to remove and replace this course material with updated content and more recent courses.