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Jane Moore Sibbett


Jane Moore Sibbett is an American actress, writer, director, photographer, producer, advocate, and proud mother of three. She is also living a real-live story as a conduit of sacred Source energy, which is the surprise chapter in Sibbett’s life for the past six years, encouraging everyone as she goes to always be ready for unexpected and joyous gifts deep into the wisdom years.

As a child, Jane loved everything to do with the magic of story-telling. A voracious reader who loved to write and illustrate her own stories, she was also painfully shy, yet eventually found relief in “pretending to be someone else” while taking an acting class at fourteen. Though she never gave up her dreams to write she is still blessed with a long and bountiful career as an actress.



With over more than 200 episodes of television to her credits as well as movies, her most notable roles include Heddy on the Fox series Herman’s Head and as Ross’ first-wife, in the groundbreaking role of “Carol Willick” on the hit NBC sitcom Friends still streaming around the world after 28 years. 

Jane is also currently streaming on the stunning independent, award-winning movie,  List of a Lifetime, released on Lifetime in 2022. Her previous movies, A Winter Wedding and A Date Before Christmas, played through the holidays of 2020/2021 on Lifetime, Hallmark Movies, and Up.



Jane returned to her theatrical roots when moving to Hawai’i for 7 years, directing and eventually collaborating as a board member at the elegant Kahilu Theatre. Her theatrical collaboration SHE’ISLAND, co-written with women of Hawai’i Island, is an empowering collective of wahine (women) speaking from their heart-hearth-place awaiting the world reopening.

Upcoming on her directorial slate are more works for 1736 Family Crisis Center and their series of commercials and PSAs against rape, elder abuse, human trafficking, PTSD, and getting Veterans, runaways, and challenged folks on their feet again. Jane, a survivor of intimate violence, advocates for survivors everywhere, hoping to instill hope and healing for all to thrive peacefully and yes, even joyfully on this planet. For more information on Jane’s philanthropic work, please see her Service page.



Jane’s own story, About Jane, The Adventures of the Dancing Hands is currently in revisions and coming soon for others to enjoy. In the meanwhile, JANE’s companion pieces from her Source Course Series – Health & Peace Circles, and Meta-tations in Mastery, are available in video and online transcripts now. You are also invited to a deeper dive into the sacred work pouring through Jane in the multi-volumed set of videos and transcripts Conversations with Source & The Book of You coming in early June 2023. These texts and videos online are channeled pieces of the spiritual modalities and gifts coming from Source through Jane which expands and flourish exponentially from within and to the Sparkling Circle who gather.

For more information on Jane’s spiritual gift, please visit her Sacred Path page. To access Jane’s transcripts and videos online, click here.

To join Jane’s new Sparkling Circle Community on the Mighty Network platform, and receive a one-month free access to weekly live meta-tations, a free live monthly JDH online circle, and more, please visit JANE’S Sparkling Circle.

Current Projects

"About Jane" Book


Before Jane’s Dancing Hands was this story…

About Jane is the true story of how the planted seeds from the strongest power in the universe saved a skinny, shy, broken, and abandoned girl from malevolence, death, and the gaslit gargoyles of the earth.

This book is About Jane and the force that can save and liberate us all…

"Conversations with Source" - Course & Book


More than a traditional course in meditation, this Source Course is an expanding wave of activation in mastery for these ever-evolving times.

After more than 75 sessions with a beta group, this is for all who are ready to make a commitment to their sacred journey with Source in a new, personal, and profoundly moving way.


Writing, Directing & Producing

A world premiere play created from stories collected from local women, encouraged and directed by Jane Sibbett. After great success with two years of The Vagina Monologues, director Jane Sibbett is co-creating a new project to inspire. The first of Kahilu Theatre Original Productions built from the ground up, this collaboration is a colorful collection of never before heard, deeply moving, and sometimes hilarious and startling pieces as only our Big Island wahine (women) could share. Currently awaiting the world reopening.

List of a Lifetime


Brenda Lee (Kelly Hu), diagnosed with severe breast cancer, is prompted to look for the daughter Talia (Sylvia Kwan) she gave up for adoption decades ago. After finding her and sharing the devastating news, Talia convinces Brenda to make a bucket list of everything she wants to do, promising to help her complete everything on the list.

A Date by Christmas Eve


When overly-giving brand strategist Chelsea Simms discovers the latest dating app for her firm, The Good List, has given her the magical ability to teach all the selfish, “naughty” people in her life a lesson in how to be good again with a swipe of their name, she starts to fall for her neighborly friend Fisher, the one guy who has never used her for her giving nature…

Wedding Wonderland


When family conflicts arise between happy couple Hallie and Lucas on the week before their big day, their plans for a breezy wedding in the tropics take a turn and their love is tested when they are forced to put on a small town winter wedding in the snow.

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