The History of Jane’s Dancing Hands Circles

December 18, 2021

Though I hadn’t been there in many years, it was in Berkeley, CA just blocks away from where my mother had delivered me when the hands first danced in earnest, on a three-step stage in The Sacred Stream. I chose this place because I liked the name, the room was simple and clean, and I was facilitating an event for a man who carries his own gift as conduit of Source energy. Nearly a hundred people showed up and our group spilled from the main room into the next, yet once this switch was thrown, it was just Source and I.

The place of this “first dance” is quite telling. The divine wink was that, here, years later, at the mid-point of my life, I see I was being re-birthed for a new phase of my life just a little further down the street.

I can’t tell you how many mornings thereafter I was awakened by my hands “dancing.” The circle of two (with Source or All-That-Is) still happens coming on 7+ years from the first Dancing Hands, but near immediately after the initial opening, the hands began to dance toward others one-on-one.

After a rehearsal for ((she’island)), a play I mid-wifed and co-created with island mothers connecting with the stories through the Pura Vida, (the pure life of the aina (land) and our shared elemental stories of women), the hands opened to work 1:2 with Beth and Jan in Hawai’i. Being in Hawai’i is as an important coordinate as was the proximity to my birthplace and where I’d next expand the dance to a larger group. Hawai’i Island’s own Kilauea had been steaming vog for years and her eruption was imminent for baby land. Yet, with just three of us, were we triangulating? Or were we then squaring with Source because as I worked, not only did my friends feel it, but one of the women began visioning for the other; she could see into her life and the “future” in ways she’d never fully experienced or trusted before. It was there that I realized that this gift was not just for me, but for people everywhere sitting on and with the energy that has been moving under the surface of our planet, with many lives for many, many lifetimes and was ready to be shared. I was and still am simply one in this energetic grid of what was ripe to dance forth.

The first Dancing Hands Circle, albeit an unofficial and spontaneously occurring Jane’s Dancing Hands circle, was on a huge, round, wooden platform over a deeply buried, powerful crystal formation on a sprawling, spectacular farm in the heart of a clearing in the rainforest of Costa Rica. After years of dormancy, even the volcano in our sights began breathing steam in new birth pangs with our arrival. And while the foggy mists of tropical winter were swirling, my hands began again twirling in the fascinating mudras I’d not remembered in this lifetime but felt more curious and simultaneously familiar than anything I’d yet experienced in this lifetime.

And with my new friend Chad and a sweet, angel-loved friend Tracy from earlier work, we three laughed as we splashed in the mud puddles of joy and energy of such love. I don’t think it was much more than a few minutes before we were joined by one, and then two, and then nine more. Then more and more danced in until it was brand new and ancient dance simultaneously weaving as my hands spun golden peace.

It wasn’t as if this came with an instruction manual or training.

From the beginning, I understood the guidance fully, and that I must always be in highest integrity, deepest compassion, and dancing for the best and highest good of one and all.

My hands, body, eyes, mouth, even the sounds that began coming from this humble toolbox were not led, but simply danced. There was no following, I was moved in ways that should have surprised me, but simply felt joyous and lovely. I didn’t receive, nor was I told any directions how to move or what to do even since they’d opened seven months earlier, Mother’s Day weekend, 2015. They danced me.

My friends were deliriously open, supportive, and could not only feel Source energy pouring through, but both their gifts opened wider than ever to describe what they saw and felt! I was simply moved to move in the way of my entire life – a whirling dervish, now spiraling where my Source-fed-heart-led hands danced me.

Less than three weeks of my return to the US, I sent out a letter and invited a circle of friends and friends of friends to join me at a dance/yoga/art studio in Venice Beach, CA. The only difference from the first dance in Costa Rica to this in Venice, was that I brought a dance mix, and I shared a little more of my story at the beginning, a lot more delight and wonder in the middle, and a ton of gratitude for the sharing to wrap it up. I had learned a lot from my days touring with healers who don’t call themselves healers, as well as my years of facilitating women’s and co-ed circles all around Los Angeles and to this day, this format remains the most popular of the Dancing Hands Circles. It’s fun, fascinating, and still curiously easy to enjoy even if one isn’t a dancer or a believer in the fringiest of alternative modalities of health and well-being-ness.

Here’s how one friend describes Jane’s Dancing Hands:

“Jane’s personal journey has led her to a few very special people who have exhibited “unusual” gifts. Healing and major shifts in life seemed to be happening around these people whether through a silent gaze, a guided meditation or by touch. The interesting thing is over and over she seems to be asked by these people to help them reach a wider audience. Or perhaps, it is really the other around, Jane is helping many of us find our way to the “healer” because we are the ones crying out for help — we are the ones being told there will be no cure.

For those of us who have known Jane, we are always touched by her sincere wish to help, to ease those who are suffering, to give comfort and hope. She is always the one who is there for you if you need help or support. She traveled with these “gifted” ones around the world witnessing cancers and Agent Orange sickness disappeared, relationships healed, family reconciled, etc. These evidences are showing up day after day, event after event. Jane seems to be the perfect person to bring us to these healers because deep inside, she cares deeply for each and every one of us, whether it’s caring for her long time friend or a total stranger. She cares and will give herself selflessly whenever the situation calls forth such need.

Meanwhile, her life took an interesting turn after her meeting and working with Abdy.

Something she has never expected to happen started happening. Her hands started to go into spontaneous movements and mudras. She would watch in amazement how her hands would get warm — even hot — and seem to have a life of their own, clapping, clicking and snapping in the most exquisite “dance” as Source brought forth what needs to be brought forth to those in need – including herself. She discovered that her hands could direct themselves to the part of the body that needs healing. Only after a car accident she discovered her hands could take away pain and trauma from her own body. With the wonder of innocence of such a discovery, she allows her hands to dance when someone has the need for healing or comfort. Her hands seem to respond even independently if needs were present. Very soon, she discovered friends with chronic situation started to improve after her hands would dance for them, whether they are in her physical presence or even long distance. Meanwhile, she says that this is not her ‘doing’. She credits everything to pure Source, which is flowing through her hands and her caring heart.”

Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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