Wild Woomyn, Sacred Femmes, Goddesses, & Dancing Queens Return

July 19, 2023

Mo’ Love, Mo’ Light at Mo Ranch

October 20–22, 2023

Dreaming of a three-day weekend away? Ready to immerse your heart, body, and soul in the beauty of women’s sacred community while deepening your connection to yourself and the Divine? 

The wide-open spaces are finally here to dance in time out of time, for us to unplug and escape from the busy-ness of life and connect with a community of benevolent women committed to opening their hearts and growing and evolving individually and collectively.

Those who experienced our 2017 Mo Ranch Women’s Awake from the Slumber Retreat remember what a magical, life-changing experience it was for us all. We are over the moon to announce we are offering our second Texas women’s retreat, sure to be just as amazing! If you have been to an event with Jane and/or Elissa (Saasahh), you know what a deeply nurturing and transformational experience circling up to dance truly is. If you haven’t been before, we welcome you to experience this very special opportunity. 

Elissa began hosting Jane and the beautiful Jane’s Dancing Hands events in Texas many years ago, after seeing and experiencing the gift moving through her. The healing, beauty, and nurturing community that has transpired over the years continues to grow. And Jane continues to return to Elissa’s Body Vida dance after touring to restore and replenish her own stores under Elissa’s exquisite wisdom and facilitation of alchemical movement.

Jane and Elissa are excited to come together once again to collaborate and offer a truly unique women’s weekend just for you. They each bring their own gifts, Jane’s unique healing gift that was opened in her years ago as Source moves through her, and Elissa’s in guiding transformational experiences for women using music, movement, and dance. The combination of the two blends synergistically to create a beautiful container of safety, depth, and love.

Highlights in the current Retreat play mix:

  • Revitalize your personal, inner connection to the Divine
  • Tap into your powerful intuition for any area of your life
  • Awaken and nurture your own healing gifts 
  • Express your authenticity and creativity
  • Experience the healing power of touch
  • Cultivate pathways for free-flowing joy
  • Access sustaining peace and calm
  • Make deep, lasting connections and friendships
  • Activate satiating self-care, filling your well(ness) in a weekend away to nurture you and your ideal you-niverse

Join us to experience connection, laughter, tears, sacred dance, authentic writing, and personal and community healing. There will be opportunities for private time, self-inquiry and reflection, community sharing, and connection. Each woman will bring her own personal intentions and prayers that will be energized and magnetized throughout the whole weekend.

What Else You Can Expect:

  • Several JANE’s Dancing Hands Circles and Quanta sessions 
  • Elissa’s gorgeous guided sacred dance and meditation
  • Community sharing and processing
  • Community meals of high-vibration food
  • Opportunities all weekend long for deep sisterhood connection. 
  • Slumber party sweetness to activate the child within

The whole weekend is designed to nurture and nourish you, helping you deepen your connection to the Divine—through Jane’s Dancing Hands sessions, guided dance with Elissa, community interactions, and time in nature (autumnal Pura Vida release!) 

Whether you seek physical, spiritual, or emotional healing, a way to unwind from the stresses of your life, or want to connect with other amazing women, you will be welcomed, held, seen, and loved. Join us for a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable weekend.

We are circling with and encircling:

  • All women longing to connect to the sacred every day. 
  • For those desiring deep, meaningful connections with others,
  • For those longing to find a space within her tribe. We will share a huge, beautiful house on the Mo Ranch grounds, where we will be reminded of the freedom and joy of sisterhood sleepovers. We will awaken amongst friends, share our meals, and have open, spacious time to luxuriate in experiences that nourish your body, heart, and soul.

We expect this retreat to sell out quickly, as there has been a lot of interest and limited space.

Please register early to reserve your spot! Early bird tickets will be available this Friday at 7 p.m. Central Time.

This event is during the waxing moon, especially auspicious for making dreams a reality. 

Mo’ light on your intentions for a happy, healthy, peaceful life.

Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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