Zero to 60 – A Sole-Baring, Skinny-Dipping Summer

August 5, 2023

Greetings, friends!

How are you? How is your summer? Is the season loving all over you? 

As a child, August was when I’d admire how tough the pads on my feet had become. It was a badge of honor to run over the hottest asphalt without squealing. I’d skateboard a hole in the pad of my right foot (the one I used to push) and run over the burrs in the open lot without slowing. I was blissfully barefoot from the last day of school until September when school began! Barefoot is still my favorite way to travel. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Anyone who has danced with me in the last eight years knows how key the elemental energies of the Pura Vida were in firing up this gift running through me with Source Energy. If we are bringing heaven on earth here, together, wouldn’t earthing always be a necessary or helpful part of grounding Source’s gifts to share more profoundly?

You may have heard this summer has already been overflowing with childlike joy! Celebrating my mother’s 95th birthday with all but one of our 15 cousins, many of their own children and grandchildren, too, plus my own precious kids who flew in from around the world, we’ve had much to cheer. How I loved introducing my smiling, newly cuddly granddaughter to everyone while Mom had a grand time celebrating with all our great brood. What a blessing she’s given us to cherish and appreciate one another so dearly.

Days after, when each of my kids and grandchildren had flown back to their own nests, I took my salty mama tears and retreated to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in N. California with some of my oldest girlfriends from UCLA. We filled our inner wells with a little Dancing Hands and our favorite playlists from the 80’s, but also deep, introspective work through writing, hiking, cooking, and talking long into the night. There have been so many changes in the world and within our lives in the 40 years we’ve known one another. We’ve always been there for one another through it all, but to be back here again all together after 30 years, was remarkable.

One early morning, scrambling down a long, granite-faced trail with my girlfriends, I was shocked to find first one sole begin flapping and then the other, before they entirely fell off my hiking boots! What are the odds of that? Had I really used them that much? They couldn’t be older than five years. But instead of fussing, I laughed, “What are you telling me, Universe?” Honestly, it didn’t take long to find the wacky perfection of it all when I realized I’d also somehow dropped my phone on the trail—likely when I was trying to retrieve one of the soles that fell off along the way. It was absurd. It was maybe thirty minutes back up the trail and twenty back down to catch up to where the girls would wait for me, but once alone, I got it. I had to unplug from the freaking tech and plug into what was right here—this spectacular land. Jamming the soles deeper in my backpack and finding my purple iPhone sunny side up, I zipped my phone into my pack, and suddenly loved my newly revised boots. Now my feet were flexible. I could ground more easily. It was less slippery, and I could feel the boulders! I had mused about begging a new pair of boots from the makers, but then I began to wonder if others might love these new sole-less hiking moccasins. I had ankle support and was now grounding all the sweetness of this land. It was essential I turn off my phone. I needed to inhale and exhale and stop taking pictures to just be with all of it.

When I finally caught up with my girlfriends at the bottom of the valley, they were quietly soaking their feet in the cold lake. It looked so inviting. I whined aloud, “What have I missed?” “Nothing. Not a thing,” they replied, “We didn’t speak the entire time you were gone.” Oh, these women crack me up. Then, two, without even looking up, snuck around a boulder and I heard a splash and then another. They were giggling in the lake! Soon, we all had peeled back our souls, and our clothes, and were together skinny-dipping in the snowmelt waters. It was glorious and elegant and rare. I decided on day one of this trip, I would stop being so shy with my life and play more again. I’m 60 years old, we survived the pandemic, I can count on two hands the times I’ve skinny-dipped, and never with my best girlfriends. Life is short. I’m in! 

And much like the first time the icy waterfall of the Desolation Wilderness called me in that first summer after the Dancing Hands bloomed, again, I found myself freshly one with the water. It took three dunks under the water this time to acclimate because I wasn’t danced in. I had to refocus with the Language of Love, (and to some it may sound a bit like swearing because it is soooo cold), but after just a few minutes, I was not at all impacted by the temperature of the water. I could have stayed for hours. This was the most exhilarating float of peace. The girls decided one by one that the water was a little too cold to enjoy for long and climbed back out after a few minutes where they could stretch out on the great boulders of granite to warm and dry. But for me, the worlds of wonder smoothed to Oneness around me as I floated. This was the best and highest good. My soul soaked in the sunshine, snowmelt, and Source sweetness as my friends dressed the shore. Such an infusion of Pura Vida, I will never forget. 

That night and the next, we ducked out of the cabin and laid on the deck to stargaze, and wouldn’t you know it—when you grow grateful about seeing the mystical and you invite the benevolent beings to come for the best and highest good, and the girls are all in, soon, we were watching UFOs darting hither and yon over the Milky Way-lit sky—zigzagging and loop-de-loops between the straight-line satellites and shooting stars. And yes, all five of us made wishes and set intentions because love was in the air and everywhere. 

Speaking of love and new wishes on shooting stars, my son, Kai, also announced his engagement with his beloved Amanda this past weekend, so I will also have a new daughter-in-law. Amanda is a dear heart, a wonderfully loving mama of two, and such a kind soul, so I hope you will fold this sweet family into your prayers for all the good their hearts can hold. You can see a bit of their engagement on my Instagram if you do such things. My heart is spilling over with poetry and gratitude; their happiness and all our family’s support for their love helps the world spin especially sweetly. 

All this to say, while I dive into the waters of a new season in a rapidly changing world, I remain blessed to be living life again and plotting for our happiest future. Now our greatest play will be oneness with the harmonics of all life.


While I am continuing to take August a bit slower workwise for deepest JANE (Joyfully Activating Nurturing Energy work) revisions, we have our August online Quanta Circle in just two weeks. I will continue to join our community on our Sparkling Circle platform, checking in near daily, but as of this past Monday, we are currently complete with our rotation of our free, live Monday Meta-tations, sharing one month longer that we’d originally scheduled. 

Meta-tations in a revised format along with new circles will hopefully be coming again in September, including this month’s free JANE’s Sparkling Circle dance TBA soon. I’m looking at sharing the free dance for the Sparkling Circle Community on the morning of August 19 (we also have a Quanta Circle that evening) so that our friends overseas can join. Stay tuned for updates.

Reminding all that our three Source Courses are now all online for those who wish to spend thirty minutes a week (or each day), or those who wish to spend an hour or more in active communication in our Conversations with Source Energy. All share activating, harmonizing, and uplifting work, but depending on how deeply you’d like to invest in your spiritual athleticism, we have options for your continuing growth. Again, if you’ve not tried our new platform, the first 30 days are free.

LOOKING FOR YOU? Looking for your next best steps? In Conversations with Source, in every chapter Source will work with you to write or re-write the Book of You—where you are, where you feel supported, where you are hiding and where you can be embracing your higher purpose and deepest love dance with this precious life. There is so much love for you!

RETREAT UPDATE: Our Mo Light, Mo Love at Mo Ranch Retreat Oct. 20 – 22 is selling well, and we have only eight more spots if you would like to join us for this mid-autumn respite. I am thrilled that we will have space to dance outside, possibly in the water, (if the weather stays warm), and under lovely trees, too. All my heart pockets are patting for a very special circle to honor the participants here in ways we’ve not yet experienced, so hoping that this sings to your soul today, too. Follow the links for more fun here.

Blessings, Love, and Blue Skies,

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