“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

~ John Holmes


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Abundant Autumn Equinox!

Abundant Autumn Equinox!

Can you feel the change in the air? The leaves have barely begun to turn here in Northern California, but I felt it in the cozy, thick blanket of...

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Inner Wild

Inner Wild

Joyous September to you! Happy Labor Day weekend in the US, Happy post super blue moon weekend everywhere else. Are you feeling it? Are you dancing...

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Below are a collection of videos featuring Jane as a storyteller, sharing her sacred gifts and dance, and in service of missions and causes close to her heart.

Jane Sibbett on Good Day Sacramento Part 1

Jane Sibbett on Good Day Sacramento part 2

Jane Sibbett on Manopause Podcast


Interviews, Coversations & Audios

Surfing with Jane Sibbett

by Kristi Walsh | Surfing the Psychic Waves

Jane Sibbett - Actress, World Traveler & Spiritual Activist

by MANOPOD: A Podcast For Men With Manopause

Interview with Jane Sibbett

by Anita Anabel | SEEN by Anita Podcast

Interview w/ Jane Sibbett, Carol Willick from Friends

by Stav, Abby & Matt Podcast | Stav Davidson, Abby Coleman & Matty Acton

Talking "Friends" & "Herman's Head" with Jane Sibbett

by The Laugh Track Podcast | Gary Strauss

Jane Sibbett from "Friends" Answers YOUR Questions

by Anita Anabel | SEEN by Anita Podcast


Jane Sibbett + Jane’s Dancing Hands

Jane Sibbett is an American actress, writer, director, photographer, producer, advocate, and prayer dancer. While among her 200 episodes of TV and film she is often best known as Ross’ lesbian ex-wife, Carol on NBC’s sitcom Friends, Jane’s Dancing Hands is a relatively new part of her life where no acting is allowed, just allowing of the miraculous.