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Energetic healing and activation for spiritual seekers, prayer dancers, and those in need or desire for deeper work.

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Sacred Path

Private Sessions


1:1 Focused mind, body, spirit & emotional work…

Do you wish for harmony in your life?
What would that look like?
Would you feel more of yourself with greater…peace?
Health? Wealth? Love? Healing? Vision? Joy? Trust? Ease or flow?
Sweeter Source connection? Laugh more?


I invite you to work with me…


Single Session

Book one individual session w/ Jane


Buy four private sessions for $574, must be used within 6 months of purchase.

Package 2-3-4

This is a special option for those who wish to share their private session with their loved ones. Two people get three sessions for $529

Come forward with your gifts now…

We are each divine in our own light, and each have different ways to receive and be danced by the energy of Source.
Do you know your gifts?
Do you know your purpose?
Do you know your dance?

How Do We Heal?

Some go to the doctor, physical therapist, surgeon, or chiropractor to heal their bodies. Some have acupuncture, reiki, take medicine, tinctures, or dance naked under the full moon. Some have years of therapy for emotional challenges, are medicated, self-medicate, or worse. Some speak to their priest, to psychics, to strangers online, or stuff down their emotions.

But what if Source/Creator/Spirit/God/Goddess simply sang, clapped, danced and whispered your ache or dis-ease away or gently danced you back to more joyful balance?

We all feel better knowing we can feel better — emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually.


Jane's Dancing Hands

What are Jane’s Dancing Hands?

In the last 12 years Jane has traveled the world producing live events and documentaries, particularly about spiritually activated groups and individuals. After a special activation in May 2015 from another gifted conduit of Source energy, Jane suddenly found her hands “dancing”. The opening was so swift and supported in every way - live and over the Internet - that she quickly has become a beloved conduit to thousands globally who often find instant peace, alignment, joy, unconditional love, and powerful self-healing within the perfecting and beautiful, ever-flowing tide of pure Source energy.

Because what comes through when Jane’s hands automatically begin dancing defies simple explanation, friends coined “Jane’s Dancing Hands”. How they connect with each person is as different every time as it is with every circle, ever rotation, every session, yet always bringing peace to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a private session via phone or Zoom?

  • Together we review how you are feeling
  • We discuss your intentions for our session
  • Source leads “the dance” of my hands as they move in front of the screen or use my own body as proxy to places or aspects of your higher self that are seeking extra support or soothing
    • It may feel neutral or create sensation in one or both of us as my hands dance
    • One session may feel quite different from the next due to the ever-changing circumstances of intentions
  • Guided by Source, my hands will check in with and introduce this energy to your heart
  • Chakras align and expand, then we assess your foundational systems
    • These may be worked on first before addressing the area of your intention.
  • We may chat during the session, the Language of Love may sing, or we may be in focused silence depending on what your higher self needs
  • The hands may dance, clap, tap, spin, be perfectly still, or all of the above in between taking in and sharing information with you as we go
  • While this is not a psychic reading, sometimes Source has words of explanation or questions for your expansion, helping your heart awaken to new revelations that may come suddenly or sometime soon. This, too, is Source-led.
  • There are myriad ways people feel the dancing hands’ energy. Some feel only the subtlest wonder while the hands dance. Others experience sensation – a warming, cooling, or tingling – even the feeling of love, peace, or joy. Some become contemplative, some bliss out, others become emotional, touched by the purity of Source’s love. Every person, every session may unfold a new experience. The depth or intensity is not reflective of the success or impact of the session. We all have different ways to receive and be danced by the energy of Source in this modality.

What is the difference between online or an in-person session?

For those who have done both, they say there is very little difference in the time/space continuum of this gift with pure Source. Obviously Jane’s hands will not physically be touching or tapping the skin while dancing during a Skype or over the phone, but many people report feeling the warmth spread through their hearts, their solar plexus, or feel a tingling in their hands or limbs – just as one may feel in person. If Jane’s hands are dancing on her side of the screen — even if the recipient can’t seen them, say if they are clapping off the frame of the screen — the recipient may even feel where they are dancing – over a part of the body or working on an emotional body, eliciting cleansing tears or immense joy and laughter. Some may even prefer Skype sessions for they can relax in the comfort of their home before and after sessions.

How can I prepare for my session?

In anticipation of your session – private or group circle – you may wish to write out your hopes and intentions for the session and beyond and then share it aloud with me so what leads you here is acknowledged, respected, and given wings. From there we will work together to allow pure Source to rewrite and rewire the body, mind, emotions, and spirit as needed for a new life dance with greater ease and joy. I find this is a lovely way of honoring heart to heart and cutting through the chaff for the grain of what you’ve come to address or invite.

You are on time, safe, ready, and lovingly held to dance more deeply with all the beauty you are.


“Ah Jane Sibbett, if only you can see those lights coming out of your hands! In fact, many of us are learning to “see” this now.

There are streams of light coming from each finger tips of each hand towards the image of the “person” in front of you whether that person is yourself or someone you are helping. Then the light from each hand will converge and a sparkle will be seen (on the part of the of body that needs help) on the image of the one you are working on. All these are happening automatically. It is real.

Sensation of warmth, tingling or cold can often be felt by the one being worked on. And then there comes the results – broken bone healed, pain disappeared, etc.. This is a confirmation. You can do it in person or long distance. You are getting confirmation definitely from everyone your hands have danced to. It is new, it is real and it is totally beautiful! We are often asked to get out of the way and allow “Source” to do the work. Getting out of the way means putting aside our fears and our doubts. Getting out of the way doesn’t mean not consciously knowing or understanding that something is working.

When more and more people gets that healing is possible, that healing is normal, that healing is really the standard if our consciousness would allow it, then all fears will be irrelevant. We will help ourselves, we will help others. Most importantly, we will inspire everyone to do the same. Yes, then we will all build a healthier and happier future where everyone can dance together in peace, in love and in cooperation. Only when we can “see” our own beauty and awesomeness, then can we recognize the beauty and awesomeness in others. The pureness of heart in you have allowed that to fully blossom. Just like a tiny seed can hold the vision of a fully grown tree bearing flowers and fruit and providing shades and oxygen. You will blossom into the most beautiful tree inspiring us all to take our first step towards perfection that we are.

Dance on, Jane.”

Monnie Ramsell

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Healing + Love + Light + Peace

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