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Welcome Home, Family of Light…

Sacred Path


You are here for great purpose.

I am here to remind you to use your light…for the best and highest good.

I don’t call myself a healer, but a conduit, or a prayer dancer…

I have spent the last 7 years or so surrendering into these gifts, to understand them, to honor them, and to share them in an aligned way. I have done my human-best to strengthen this humble vessel so that I can receive, channel, and share the energy from Source purely, with integrity, and for the best and highest good of all who receive.

My prayer if you have found your way here, is that you may allow the energy of source to soften your heart, to help you release any judgments, or ideas about what is holding you back, and to trust that spirit has great purpose for you. May you allow yourself the gift of “dance”, in whatever way that looks and moves for you, so that you may heal, release, and open to greater possibility, and greater love.

Every person who has touched my life has contributed to the shaping and evolution of my sacred path. These gifts were neither taught to me, nor are they solely mine…simply they flow through me from Source.

To learn more about the story and evolution of Jane’s Dancing Hands, watch the video below, and click here.

Thank you for your part in this journey.


Jane’s Dancing Hands

What are Jane’s Dancing Hands?

In the last 12 years Jane has traveled the world producing live events and documentaries, particularly about spiritually activated groups and individuals. After a special activation in May 2015 from another gifted conduit of Source energy, Jane suddenly found her hands “dancing”. The opening was so swift and supported in every way – live and over the Internet – that she quickly has become a beloved conduit to thousands globally who often find instant peace, alignment, joy, unconditional love, and powerful self-healing within the perfecting and beautiful, ever-flowing tide of pure Source energy.

Because what comes through when Jane’s hands automatically begin dancing defies simple explanation, friends coined “Jane’s Dancing Hands”. How they connect with each person is as different every time as it is with every circle, ever rotation, every session, yet always bringing peace to all.


Circles & Community

Your prayers help, so join me in dancing for and sharing the courage to rise for peace, health, and harmony everywhere.

No matter what is going on in the world right now, when in the Dancing Hands Circle we are instantly wrapped in the loving, compassionate, unifying field of purest Source energy where the weave of harmony, peace, and agape love is our central frequency.

Jane holds all in her prayers — all beings, situations, communities, countries, and hopes. Thank you for adding your prayers for our best and highest individual and collective good…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did this gift come from?

Source / Prime Creator / God

What does it feel like?

Everyone experiences it differently–from bliss to warmth to feeling centered, focused, loving, healed, open, calm… even curious.

What is the difference between circles, or private sessions?

Please see the Groups + Circles page for descriptions, our Private Sessions page, or our JDH YouTube videos.

What is the difference between online and in-person sessions?

With Source pouring through there is little difference in the time/space continuum of this gift and many report feeling physical or emotional sensation just as strongly – if not more – than one may feel in person. Some prefer Zoom sessions for they can relax in the comfort and privacy of their home, others love the direct eye to eye, hand to heart, in-room work. Most, given the option, love both. For those who have done both, they say there is very little difference in the time/space continuum of this gift with pure Source. Obviously, Jane’s hands will not physically be touching or tapping the skin while dancing during a Zoom session or over the phone, but many people report feeling the warmth spread through their hearts, their solar plexus, or feel a tingling in their hands or limbs – just as one may feel in person. If Jane’s hands are dancing on her side of the screen — even if the recipient can’t see them, say if they are clapping off the frame of the screen — the recipient may even feel where they are dancing – over a part of the body or working on an emotional body, eliciting cleansing tears or immense joy and laughter. Some may even prefer Zoom sessions for they can relax in the comfort of their home before and after sessions.

What is the voice or language coming through Jane?

Nameless and sacred, it was described to me from Creator as: “The Language of Love behind the God that created this Universe.” I understand much of it, but not all as it relates often on a cellular, even subatomic level. It is pre-Tower of Babel babble, an amalgam of all languages and various dialects push forth as I dance or interact with the lineage of each person, or circle, or even animals who come forward, as it sang with the Humpback Whales in Tonga, the seals, and ducks in Scotland, even the Andean condor atop Machu Picchu in The Sacred Valley of Peru.
The language is spoken and sung through with the dancing, magnetic ley lines of the earth and her elementals. It is ever-growing as I visit more of this sacred earth for all that is of Source is connected to the gift dancing through this humble being. While using the “toolbox of Jane’s instrument,” the Language of Love is often playful and exuberant. It also establishes strong boundaries of integrity, weaving light, creating safe, respectful, and often revelatory sessions. It is a wide-open channel of Source information as I hear it in the All-Time inter-dimensional spring of time, as it speaks through her vessel, and I can translate when it is essential or especially important.

What are her hands doing or saying?

The hands dance, spinning form, or create sacred dancing mudras – not of learned yoga, nothing yet written about in books, but they translate living language and glyphs of Source’d information. From “You are loved” to encyclopedias of information bringing the participant or circle into harmony, health, and peace of the best and highest individual or collective good.

Is there evolution in JDH?

Yes. July 3, 2019 on Zapallar Beach in the Valparaiso Region of Chile, Jane’s hands danced straight down into the sand, and emphatically drew out – all while speaking the language – a simple, but powerful shape. This shape, even in its simplicity, conveyed the essential elemental key. To what, at the time Jane didn’t know. “Just days before we’d flown over the massive Nazca Lines of Peru – huge and mysterious carvings in the landscape from 100CE to 100BCE that one may only see by airplane – but did the little glyph have a correlation? Now, I didn’t know it at the time, by this shape would two months later be seen over and over again in the sacred architecture and even pre-Christ carvings in the rocks of Scotland when we visited Sept., 2019. Seven more sand glyphs danced into two beaches in Scotland, (St. Andrew’s and on the Isle of Iona), and more glyphs came to follow. According to those who were there for the “drawing down or up” of the shapes into the sand, the energy of the glyphs feels akin to how it may feel to some to be in a vortex. These sand glyphs are uniquely danced (my arms are flung to the sand), and it’s as big a surprise to me as any!”

Since the pandemic, the evolution of the Dancing Hands has brought forth Conversations with Source – a new modality of dance and channeled information from Source shared with online groups.

Why do I feel so much joy when she looks at me when dancing?

When I am dancing and peer into your eyes I am reflecting back to you your perfection. I not only see you (I call it “putting on my God goggles”) for who you really are (perfect and whole), but I reflect back to you your divine connection and invite you to also bask in this space of your divine emanation. Here is where the joy comes in, as well as the quantum field of your health, bliss, and harmony.

Will she heal me if I need healing?

In a world where there are few guarantees, I can promise I dance always and only for your best and highest individual and collective good and only the best and highest good, sending all else to the light to be transmuted to the best and highest good. If you come for a specific purpose, with prayer, intention, or just curiosity, know that Source hears all, and while many receive speedy assistance, others receive unexpected gifts of their own self-healing or direction that may be bigger than the original intention. This is always between you and Source, but read the testimonials for more information on what has and can happen.

Is this really Source* coming through these Dancing Hands?

When I asked Abdy if was it pure, was it Source, was he sure, (though I know it feels beautiful and indescribably pure when it courses through my heart and dancing hands), I wanted to know — did I need to do anything else? Did anyone – myself or those who came forward — need protection or clarification? What are the rules? I was endless with my questions. Gently and finally he said, “Trust this. Yes, it’s pure Source. You don’t need to ask these questions. It’s powerful. Your dancing hands are very powerful. Get your website up, share, and do this.”

Pura Vida? What's this "pure life" Jane talks about?

This is the part that has been speaking to me always in tandem with purest Source energy since I was a child. This is the elemental connection of God/Source/Holy Spirit/Creator/Goddess/Great Spirit/ke Akua/Divine as activated and made manifest in our natural realm — the way tides flow, how stars are held, the mystery of gravity, the pull of the natural realm to the light and more. When my hands dance much of the imagery shared with me is from the natural realm. Sometimes people have much of the same experiences during Dancing Hands sessions as I do, too. People may smell jasmine or roses while I dance. Sometimes together we feel a warm breeze lifting out cares or fresh waters wash our feet with love. Sometimes stars sparkle above. As we feel peace looking at the ocean, we may also feel waves of joy wash over us as we dance with heaven on earth within us all. Source is in all and this connection with All-That-Is is keenly felt while the hands dance, encouraging us to also be our true nature.

You may learn more on the Pura Vida page.

Do the hands touch or massage me?

During in-person sessions sometimes there is a light tapping or the gentlest touching, but I always ask permission first so no one is surprised. Generally, if there is any touching, it is far less invasive or manipulative than what one might expect in a chiropractic appointment.
In person sessions are usually 30 min sessions, or 60 min sessions if time allows, before or after Jane’s Dancing Hands Circle events. Please contact Jason or the JDH hosts in your city to book a private session.

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