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Read what others have shared about Jane and her Dancing Hands and how this work has impacted their lives.

“It is an experience of spiritual energy, connection and love that will make you a believer and improve your life in ways you never even expected.”

~Dana Stevens

Screenwriter City of Angels and City of Angels, Brentwood, CA

“Joyful, healing, transcending…”

“OMG this was so much fun! Such joyful dancing energy. I am buzzing.”

“Jane worked on energetic blockages and removed negative attachments- she spoke of things hidden, experiences I have never told another living soul, she was connected to my divinity and I to hers. It was extraordinary, exciting and deeply, deeply healing.”

Michelle Prentiss

Chef/Caterer, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I found Jane through a mutual friend and bought a ticket to go to a dancing circle, having no idea what that meant, but I was so intrigued. Circumstances didn’t allow me to go to that event, but I didn’t forget about Jane or her dancing hands. I was given another opportunity to join a circle, and even though I was unsure of what to expect, I showed up. I was blown away. It was an intimate circle, and I was immediately drawn to the others that were participating – we had joined forces to experience something amazing and it was an instant bond.

Jane showed up, and immediately I was drawn to her. She was so welcoming, and the group felt so safe. I quickly settled into my yoga mat and waited for the dancing to begin.

I had no idea what to expect. Jane started dancing, with movements and hand gestures and a language I had never heard of. And it was incredible. When she looked at me, I could feel Source flowing through her, and I could feel what unconditional love was. Her eyes and face and hands and movement relayed only love and acceptance, and it was very easy to relax and take it all in.

I felt energized by her movement and words, but more importantly, she was giving us a space to just BE. What a gift.

A couple of months later, Jane offered a trip to Scotland, and my heart and soul screamed ‘you have to go’. I listened, and a month later I landed in Edinburgh to meet our merry Scotland Sojourn crew. What an adventure of a lifetime.

We danced and walked and hiked and sat and received and loved and rejoiced and traveled and moved our way through the land and the water and people of Scotland. Words cannot describe the experience. All I know is that my heart awakened, shifting occurred, vortexes appeared, nature responded and participated, friendships were solidified, body aches were healed, traumas were silenced, hearts were opened, magic was uncovered, nature was revered, and souls were soothed.

I am grateful for Jane. For her hands and her gift. But also for the people I have met through her and because of her. Her hands heal in so many ways. Her spirit heals. Her viewing you as worthy of unconditional love may be the most healing of all. Whatever it is, it is magical.”

M. P.

Dallas, TX

“I love you dearly!!! This is one the most intimate experiences of love I have experienced! The group is a love in! Your language is a balm for my being! -A familiar ancient lullaby that I’ve missed for so long and in these few hours with you have touched my soul! Thank you forever.”

Clara Rita


“I’m so grateful that you’re doing this for our consciousness and our universe. It’s so needed right now. It’s the most amazing integrated experience of energy. Whole-heartedly I appreciate it and tell everyone to take this, and try it so that they, too, can find their own source energy and know who they truly are.”

~M. in Sedona, AZ

“Jane has helped me with my chronic Lyme and joint pain, 35 years of chronic pain in my knee – now gone, my fairly intense nicotine addiction is now gone, and now I have a generally elevated sense of consciousness. There is now a serious reduction in anxiety and generally my energy is better…”

Eric Lutes

Artist, Los Angeles, CA

“I contacted Jane to do a ‘dancing hands treatment’ on my sister, Bea…

She was really anxious and was a high risk for the surgery due to some other health issues. The surgery was shorter by about an hour! Afterwards, she only had to take one Tylenol and never had any swollen nose, black eye or complications or pain. Thank you, Jane!!! This was a big blessing.”

~Zara T., New Mexico

“Jane! Jane! After your (Zoom Dancing Hands Live Stream) session this morning I noticed my hands weren’t shaking!!! I was diagnosed recently by one MD with early Parkinson’s – another MD with Essential (old age) tremors. This evening I am still tremor free! Gratitude – Gratitude.

Thank you Beautiful One!”

~ Jan Gudgel, Florida

“Such a Wonderful Blessing to experience!!! Spirit pours through Jane in joyous waves; and the love and healing exquisite. What a gift we all receive from this beautiful offering. I feel light and happy having received a Spiritual initiation, healing and blessing. Thank you Jane, and Eric for holding space. Come back to Bellingham!!! “


Bellingham, WA

“I thoroughly enjoyed dropping into my body and out of my head. It was wonderful to feel your energy create such a safe place. I had multiple epiphanies.”


“I didn’t know what to expect, but the joy that I felt immediately when I entered the room was really powerful and it was the first time I felt the freedom to work with energy. I felt my hands warm and well, like nothing I’d ever felt before – Freedom!”

~ A, Dallas, TX

“My greatest desire in this lifetime is to build a stronger personal connection with the Divine. Jane Sibbett channels pure source love and provides each and every one of her event participants the same opportunity to bask in that exquisite love energy…

Whenever she comes to town I try to clear my calendar to join an event. So far this is an experience I have not been able to re-create on my own (yet!). One of my favorite things about Jane is that she greets every person she meets with a soft velvet heart. Whether in a circle or a private session or over a shared meal, you are guaranteed to come away from the experience feeling truly & genuinely loved. One of the best things about her work is that it’s cumulative. Each event seems to build upon the one before. I have seen her assist others in opening to their own healing gifts as well.”

~ Alida Schuh

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